How to Use Essential Oils in Your Laundry

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You will want to purchase a non-scented laundry detertent and unscented dryer sheets (if you use dryer sheets). Usuall these unscented detergents are also free of any dyes, which in some peopel can cause irritation of the skin and allergic recaction. The unscented detergents can usually be found with the other detergents, and most brands carry their own version of an unscented detergent. Then you will want to find an essential oil that you would like to scent your laundry with. This can be done by simply smelling a variety oils and narrowing down which one you like the scent of best. Usually light floral aromas work best, such as rose or lavender, but you could use almost any essetial oil or combination of oils that appeals to you. Put your load of laundry into the wash as you normally do, and begin filling with water. As the washer is filling with water, put 2-3 drops of your oil or oil mixture to your detergent, mix with your finget, and pour the detergent in. Allow the wash load to continue as normal. Once the load is done washing, transfer it to the dryer, and use the dryer on medium or low heat rather than high heat. High heat can get too hot and burn the oils, but using a lower heat can also extend the life of your garments. When your load is done drying, it will have a lovely light scent. Don’t over use the essential oils, a little goes a long way, and a few drops is all that is necessary.


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