Red Astra : Secrets (A South Park Based Series of Stories on Major Morals)

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(morning at the  bus stop)

Jeremy: That’s a creepy dream Man.

Ade: I don’t think it was a dream. It seemed too real.

Shiffs: No way that could have happened.

Ade: Then how did the picture get on the floor?

Jeremy: You probably knocked it off while you were tossing and turning or something.

Shiffs: Yeah Man. Glass doesn’t break itself.

Ade: I’m telling you guys it happened.

Jeremy: Sure Ade, we believe you.

Ade: Yeah right.

Int – Canteen

Ross: Hello children.

Four: Hey Ross.

Ross: How are my little boys today?

Ade: Bad.

Ross: Why?

Ade: I had a totally f**ked up thing happen to me last night and everybody thinks it was just a dream.

Ross: Well maybe it was. Weird things can happen, but most often it’s just your imagination.

Ade: Really?

Ross: Yeah. Now move along. (They take their food to a table)

Shiffs: We told you Man.

Ade: I still think it was real. I just hope it doesn’t happen again tonight.

Jeremy: If it happens again tonight we’ll believe you Man. If not, then it was just a dream and we can just forget about it, okay?
Ade: Deal.
(That night at Jeremy’s house)
Mrs Lylat: Time for bed.
Jeremy: Already?
Mrs Lylat: Don’t argue Jeremy, just get ready for bed!
Jeremy: Okay, okay. (He walks off to his room and starts getting dressed for bed. He puts on his pyjamas and heads to the bathroom where he brushes his teeth and all that. Then he goes back to his room)
Mrs Lylat: (Goes in and tucks him into bed) Goodnight Jeremy.
Jeremy: Goodnight mom. (She turns off the lights and leaves. Jeremy starts slowly sinking into a deep sleep. Then he wakes up to the sounds of ferocious barking just outside his bedroom door) what’s that? (He gets up and creeps over to the door, looking through the keyhole. He jumps back as something big slams against the door, causing it to quake violently) Holy s**t! (He backs away as more growls can be heard coming from the other side) This can’t be happening, I’m dreaming. There are no hungry dogs about to bust into my room and eat me. (Another slam against the door and it bursts open, revealing three snarling dogs moving slowly towards him as he backs towards the window) Nice doggies? (They snarl even more and keep moving ever closer. Jeremy jumps out the window and tries to run into the street but runs into a steel gate) what the? (Turning around he finds himself in an alleyway, trapped between the gate and the dogs) Nice… doggies? (They all lunge for him as he desperately lunges for the gate, trying to climb it. The dogs grab hold of his feet and slowly drag him back down…)
Mrs Lylat: Jeremy? What’s going on here!?
Jeremy: Huh!? (He looks around and sees he’s outside his bedroom clinging to the lowermost branches of a tree)
Mrs Lylat: Get back in here this instant!
Jeremy: O… Okay. (He shakily drops to the ground and hops back in the window)
Mrs Lylat: What did you think you were doing!?
Jeremy: Running from hungry attack dogs.
Mrs Lylat: … Now that’s the biggest lie I ever heard! Get back in bed right now! I’ll deal with you tomorrow! (Crying is heard coming from another part of the house) Oh great. You woke up your brother. Get to sleep this instant Jeremy! (Turns and stalks out of the room)
Jeremy: Whoa…
(Bus stop. Ade Shiffs and Kyle are the only ones there)
Ade: I guess you guys were right. It didn’t happen again last night.
Shiffs: We told you Ade.
Ade: Yeah I know. (Jeremy walks up)
Jeremy: You were right Ade.
Ade: Huh?
Jeremy: It happened to me last night. (Tells them what happened)
Ade: Whoa Man!
Kyle: If it happened to you two… who’s next?
Shiffs: Ah don’t want it to be me.
Ade: Is there a pattern?
Jeremy: Not that I know of.
Shiffs: Man this is getting weird.
Ade: We should warn all the kids at school about it.
Jeremy: Right, we’ll do it at recess today.
Ade, Kyle, Shiffs: Right.
(Playground at recess. There’s a group of kids gathered around the four)
Ade: For the last two nights kids have been seeing things in the night.
Richie: They’re called dreams dumb ass!
Ade: These aren’t ordinary dreams! They’re real, but nobody else sees them.
Dean: Oh yeah right.
Cara: Maybe they were dreams that seemed real?
Jeremy: But… Hey… They were both things that had happened to us before only different!
Ade: What?
Jeremy: In Hawaii the picture of Cara broke and the glass went into your back. And I was attacked by dogs at that one camp, Camp Blitzkrieg.
Ade: Hey, yeah!
Jeremy: So everybody be on the lookout for things that happened to you before!
Dean: That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard! (The crowd dissipates)
Ade: They didn’t believe us!
Jeremy: Just wait until it happens to them, they’ll believe us then.
Ade: Yeah!
Shiffs: You guys… Were they scary?
Ade: What do you think!? Of course they were, that’s why we’re scared of them dumb ass!
Jeremy: Yeah!
Shiffs: Screw you both!
Ade: I wonder who’ll get it next.
Jeremy: Shouldn’t we try to figure out why this is happening?
Ade: Yeah… (The bell rings) Damn it!
(Cara’s house)
Cara: Goodnight mom.
Mrs. T: Night honey.
Cara: (Turns out the lights and hops into bed. She stares at the ceiling for a few minutes, thinking) What if what Ade said was true? What happened to me worse than anything else? Probably when Ade left. (She gives a small half smile and closes her eyes happily) I’m glad he’s back. (She lies there trying to get to sleep. Suddenly a hand covers her mouth, masking her exclamation of surprise)
Gregory: Wakeywakey young Cara! (Climbs on top of her and removes his hand, to replace it with his mouth)
Cara: (She gasps and tries to shove him off of her but he easily overpowers her, pinning her hands to her sides with one of his arms)
Gregory: Don’t struggle dear Cara; you just might enjoy it. (Continues attacking her as Cara struggles against him, but every shove is overpowered and either his hand or his mouth muffles every scream.)
Mrs. M: Cara!?
Cara: (She’s lying in her bed, her shirt lying on the floor. She’s covered in the blanket leaning against the wall shivering) Mom… (Her voice cracks somewhat through the tears on her face)
Mrs. M: What happened here? (Walks over and sits next to Cara, who instantly hugs her fiercely)
Cara: Mom! (Just holds her mother, crying uncontrollably, and shivering as if she’d just seen a ghost)
(Playground at recess the next day)
Ade: I don’t think anybody had nightmares last night.
Jeremy: Maybe it was just us.
Kyle: Cara wasn’t in class this morning. Maybe it was she?
Ade: I’m going to go check on her.
Jeremy: You can’t Man, we have school.
Ade: I’ll show up later and get detention or something. (Walks off)
(Cara’s house. Ade knocks on the front door)
Mrs. M: Hello Adrian. Shouldn’t you be in class?
Ade: I came to make sure Cara’s okay.
Mrs. M: She’ll be alright; she just had a nightmare last night and refused to go to school.
Ade: Really… Can I talk to her?
Mrs. M: If anyone can cheer her up you can. (Lets him in and he heads for Cara’s room)
Ade: (Opens the door slowly) Cara? (Goes in and sees Cara sitting on the bed facing the wall, her face cast downward) Cara?
Cara: Ade? (Turns her head slightly then goes back to staring at the wall) Go away.
Ade: Huh? Cara what’s going on?
Cara: (Softly) I had a nightmare last night…
Ade: (Shuts the door and walks over to stand next to the bed) what was it about?
Cara: It never happened… It never happened…
Ade: What never happened?
Cara: (Getting hysterical) you said it was only things that happened… It never happened…
Ade: (Gets on the bed and hugs Cara) Calm down Cara.
Cara: (Leans against him and starts breathing semi-normally again)
Ade: What happened?
Cara: It didn’t…
Ade: What did you dream last night?
Cara: Gregory…
Ade: Hm?
Cara: He… He…
Ade: He did what?
Cara: He… Attacked me…
Ade: Attacked?
Cara: Yeah…
Ade: You don’t mean… (Cara starts crying again, so he hugs her tighter) I’m sorry.
Cara: It never happened! It never happened!
Ade: Don’t worry Cara… (Thinking) So much for only things that happened, before being in the nightmares.
Cara: I’m sorry Ade!
Ade: For what?
Cara: The…
Ade: Cara calm down. Nothing happened, besides, I love you, no matter what. ‘Kay?
Cara: (Her crying slows down somewhat) ‘Kay.
Ade: Now I have to get back to school before Mr. Natt notices I’m gone… Will you be okay?
Cara: (Wipes at her tears) I’ll be okay…
Ade: Okay, I’ll come back after school. Later. (Leaves)
Cara: Bye Ade…
(After school playground)
Ade: Guys, we have to find out what’s going on and stop it soon!
Jeremy: What’s the rush? At least the nightmares aren’t hurting anybody.
Ade: Wanna bet? (Tells them about Cara)
Jeremy: Whoa Man!
Shiffs: But you said it was only things that happened before? That’s never happened to Cara.
Ade: I know, I guess we were wrong.
Kyle: And whatever it is, is getting stronger!
Ade: Yeah, it surprised me. Then it scares Jeremy. Then it almost sent Cara into a nervous breakdown.
Jeremy: We have no idea where to look Man.
Shiffs: Maybe Dr Simate or Ross will know something?
Ade: Those are both long shots, but we have nowhere else to turn. Jeremy and me will take Ross. You and Kyle go ask Simate.
Shiffs: Ay! Why do Kyle and me have to go to the gruesome one?
Ade: Fine me and Jeremy will go to Simate.
Shiffs: No you don’t, you’re just trying to trick me!
Ade: Shiffs we don’t have time for this! Where do you want to go?
Shiffs: Home! (Walks off)
Jeremy: Shiffs! Fine don’t blame us when you wake up crazy tomorrow!
Ade: Woops.
Jeremy: What?
Ade: I’ve got to go check on Cara. Later. (Walks off)
Jeremy: Wait a minute! You’re leaving just me and Kyle to figure it out!?
Kyle: Ah f**k them we don’t need them.
Jeremy: All right Kyle. You go to Simate and I’ll go ask Ross.
Kyle: Okay. (They both walk off in different directions)
(Ross’s house. It’s nearly nighttimes)
Jeremy: (Knocks on the door)
Ross: (Answers) Oh hello Jeremy.
Jeremy: Hi. Do you know anything about nightmares?
Ross: I once had a nightmare I was in bed with Barbara Striesand. (Shivers)
Jeremy: How do you stop them?
Ross: I don’t think you can stop a dream Jeremy. But once you realize that it is just a dream, you can control it.
Jeremy: Really?
Ross: Yeah, what the hell is going on anyway?
Jeremy: (Tells him about everything)
Ross: Oh. I see.
Jeremy: Yeah, now we have to stop it before kids start going crazy or dying or something.
Ross: Well it’s almost nighttime now, why don’t you go home and get some sleep and figure it out in the morning?
Jeremy: Because another kid will be affected tonight and I don’t want that to happen.
Ross: Don’t worry Jeremy. I’m sure one night won’t make too much difference.
Jeremy: (Sighs) Alright. But it’s your fault if someone dies tonight. (Walks off)
Ross: Later Jeremy. (Shuts the door)
(Playground, it’s almost full night)
Jeremy: Anything Kyle?
Kyle: Uh uh.
Jeremy: Me neither. Come on let’s just get some sleep and figure it out tomorrow when we’re all here.
Kyle: Okay. (They both walk off)
(Kyle’s house. Kyle’s lying in bed.)
Kyle: (Stares at the ceiling blankly and just lies there unmoving. Slowly his eyes close as he slowly falls asleep. Suddenly his eyes snap open and he sees himself hurtling through darkness) Ah what the f**k!? (From all around his inconsistent voices can be heard whispering)
Voices: Little boy. Kyle. Oblivion.
Kyle: What’s going on here!? Huh? (His hat is now gone)
Voices: Hell. Heaven. Limbo.
Kyle: Wh… who are you? (One resounding voice comes out of the darkness)
Voice: Little boy. You’ve forgotten everything. Your past, and your future.
Kyle: What!?
Voice: Mindless void consuming all, is the only path for you.
Kyle: What are you talking about?
Voice: Memories gone, mind blank. Only trivial knowledge remains.
Kyle: You mean… I forgot something?
Voice: You remember nothing, only what they told you do you know.
Kyle: What have I forgotten?
Voice: Memory gone. Will strong. Find the place of your birth and remember… Everything.
Kyle: (The voices fade and he sits up in his bed suddenly) What the? That wasn’t a nightmare… What was it? (He lays back down and eventually falls asleep)
(Mrs Transit’s house, that same night)
Mrs Transit: (She’s lying asleep in bed, sleeping a normal sleep. Suddenly she snaps awake and looks around. She’s in a kind of a cell, but everything’s pure white) What? (Gets up off the bed and wanders over to the door, which has only one window on it) Someone let me out of here. (Silence) I don’t belong here anymore let me out! (Bangs on the door getting more and more desperate) Let me out please! (She bangs until her fist starts bleeding, then uses the other hand) Let me out! LET ME OUT! (Slowly the doorknob handle turns and the door slowly opens)
Patty: Mrs Transit? What’s the matter?
Mrs Transit: What? (Looks around and sees she’s still in her bedroom) What?
Patty: Oh my god, what happened to your hands?
Mrs Transit: (Looks down and sees her hands are covered in blood) I… I…
Patty: Come on dear. (Leads her out of the bedroom and to the kitchen)
(Next day at the bus stop)
Ade: I wonder who had the nightmare last night?
Jeremy: Shiffs?
Shiffs: Not me.
Jeremy: Kyle?
Kyle: …
Ade: Hey Kyle!
Kyle: What?
Ade: Did you have a nightmare last night?
Kyle: K… no… I didn’t.
Ade: Rats. (A kid they don’t know walks up to them)
Kid: Hello.
Shiffs: Who the hell are you?
Kid: I was just in the neighbourhood and…
Ade: Daryl?
Kid: (Pause) How could you tell?
Ade: Your voice is the same.
Daryl: Damn I knew I should have done something about that.
Jeremy: What are you doing here?
Daryl: Don’t worry. I’m here at my fathers bidding.
Ade: Oh yeah that’s real comforting.
Daryl: Have any of you noticed anything unusual happening in Red Astra?
Shiffs: Well there are those weird dreams.
Daryl: What kinds of dreams?
Ade: Nightmares that seem to be about bad things that happened to us before.
Jeremy: Yeah, except for Cara.
Daryl: What did Cara dream?
Ade: She dreamed Gregory… attacked her in her bed.
Daryl: Curious…
Jeremy: Yeah, we can’t figure it out either.
Daryl: Whatever it is has overridden her memory block.
Ade: Man, do you know something about all of this?
Daryl: I know everything that you guys know. Something is causing kids to have nightmares, or rather to re-live their darkest memories.
Jeremy: How do we stop it?
Daryl: We have to find the source first.
Ade: Wait a minute, you said something about Cara having a memory block?
Daryl: … What’s your question?
Ade: What the hell happened to her? Why can’t she remember that ever happening?
Daryl: Just trust me on this Ade. It’s for the best that you do not know.
Kyle: (Yawns) Oh man I’m tired.
Ade: We haven’t even been to school yet Kyle.
Kyle: I know… but I feel like I’m gonna pass out.
Daryl: Hm… Another side effect of the nightmares?
Ade: But Kyle hasn’t had any nightmares yet. (The bus pulls up) Damn!
Daryl: I’ll meet up with you in the playground after school.
Jeremy: Okay. (The four get on as Daryl walks off)
(Classroom, Mrs Transit’s absent but Cara’s back though she looks extremely nervous)
Mr. Natt: Okay class let’s get on with our lesson. (Starts talking as Kyle site at his desk, his eyes only half open and unfocused)
Kyle: (Slowly lowers his head to his desk and closes his eyes. He finds himself again hurtling through the darkness. His hood is off)
(Outside the school. Daryl is waiting in the playground for them, lying under a tree taking a nap)
Daryl: (He jerks upright and looks towards the school) Huh? (He sees a light radiating from it like a beacon) It’s at the school.
Voices: Blood. Darkness. Death.
Kyle: Why is this all happening? (The one voice speaks again)
Voice: Memories must return. Past important.
Ade: (His voice comes from far away like he’s barely speaking) Kyle?
Kyle: Tell me what is it I forgot!
Voice: Homeland. Place of birth, memory.
Jeremy: (Far away) Are you okay Man?
Kyle: Please tell me now!
Voice: Memories will return at your place of birth.
Kyle: Where is that?
Daryl: (His voice resounds through the darkness, masking whatever the voice is saying) Kyle, can you hear me?
Kyle: No, be quiet I have to listen!
Daryl: (He appears beside Kyle, looking like a ghost or just an image) Listen to what Kyle?
Kyle: Can’t you hear them! They’re trying to tell me something!
Voice: Outsider.
Daryl: Huh? (Electrical power runs through him coming from seemingly nowhere. He screams as the power tears at him, finally he vanishes into the darkness)
Kyle: Now tell me quickly! Where do I have to go!
Voice: Go there and you will know. (The darkness fades away leaving Kyle sitting once again at his desk, everyone is standing over something lying in a heap on the ground)
Kyle: (Looks down and sees Daryl lying on the ground unmoving) What the?
Ade: Man… They killed Daryl. (Silence)
Dean: (Bends down next to him) No he’s still alive! We have to get him to a hospital though!
(Nurses office)
Nurse: He’ll be fine. But I do think it would be better to get him to a hospital.
Ade: He’ll be fine.
Jeremy: What the hell happened in their Kyle?
Kyle: I have to go.
Ade: Go where?
Kyle: … I don’t know. I’ll know it when I find it. (Walks off)
Shiffs: Should we go after him?
Jeremy: I guess so. There’s nothing else we can do.
Ade: Let’s go. (They walk off after Kyle, catching up to him outside the school)
Kyle: What’re you doing here?
Jeremy: We’re coming with you.
Kyle: Why?
Jeremy: Because we’re your friends dumbass. And we’ve always been there for each other. No matter what.
Ade, Shiffs: Yeah.
Kyle: Thanks you guys. (They all keep walking)
Ade: Just where are we going Kyle?
Kyle: I don’t know. I’ll know when I get there.
Shiffs: You don’t even know where we’re trying to get to?
Kyle: Nope.
Shiffs: Doesn’t that seem just a bit odd to anyone else?
Kyle: You can go if you want fatass!
Shiffs: No ah’m coming. Just saying is all. (They walk on in silence, eventually leaving the towns boundaries)
Ade: We’re going kind of far. Maybe we should go back?
Kyle: No. I have to know what’s going on. (They keep walking)
Ade: Kyle just how far away is this place we have to get to?
Kyle: Who knows?
Jeremy: Come on Kyle. Let’s head back and get my car, then we can get wherever we’re going a lot faster as long as you give me directions.
Ade: Hey yeah.
Kyle: Alright. Just so long as we make up for the lost time.)
Jeremy: Sure. (They head back to South Park)
Ade: Nothing is making sense right now. Why is Kyle causing all this? What are those voices in his head? Why is Daryl here? Just where the hell are we trying to get to?
Kyle: We’ll find out soon Man. Just as soon as we get wherever we’re going. (They walk on until they reach Jeremy’s house. They enter the garage and find his car there)
Jeremy: Okay everybody in. Kyle gets in the passenger because he needs to tell me where to go. (They all get in, and Jeremy starts the car)
(Nurses office)
Daryl: (Wakes up and sits up groggily) Whoa… What happened?
Nurse Golem: They told me you just passed out. You were in pretty bad shape, but that was an amazing recovery.
Daryl: (Immediately becomes alert) Where is Kyle!?
Nurse Golem: Him and his little friends left just after they brought you here.
Daryl: S**t! How long was I out?
Nurse Golem: About an hour and a half.
Daryl: S**t! I’ve got to catch up to them! (Gets up and runs out of the nurses office, and out of the school and looks around and talks to himself) Where are you? (Looks around and sees a faint dark spot on the horizon) Bingo! (Starts running towards it)
(Highway. The four are in the car, Jeremy and Kyle in front, Ade and Shiffs in back)
Kyle: Take a left here!
Jeremy: There’s no road leading left.
Kyle: Just take a goddamned left!
Jeremy: (Turns left and they’re riding across a hayfield) I hope you know where you’re going.
Kyle: Me too. (They all hear sirens)
Ade: (Looks back) Oh s**t! There must have been a cop on that road we just left!
Jeremy: Damnit! Great going Kyle!
Shiffs: Pull over Man!
Jeremy: I can’t fatass! I’m fourteen years old, driving a car, and have no proof this thing is mine, what would he think!?
Shiffs: AM not fat!
Ade: Guys this isn’t helping!
Kyle: Turn right.
Jeremy: I’m a little busy right now Kyle.
Kyle: Trust me just turn right.
Ade: No way it’s your directions that got us into this in the first place!
Jeremy: (Is silent for a minute, then turns right)
Ade: Man!
Jeremy: Got any better ideas!? (Silence as they drive on)
Kyle: Floor it.
Jeremy: Huh?
Kyle: Speed up right now!
Jeremy: (Speeds up as he tries to keep the car under control. Suddenly they break onto a road and go flying straight over it, a huge semi passing directly behind them. The cop car slams into the trailer of the semi and both vehicles topple onto the road)
Kyle: Turn left again. (Jeremy turns left as they drive on in stunned silence)
Ade: Kyle… How did you know that was there?
Kyle: (Blinks) I don’t know. (They drive on in silence)
(Back at the highway. Daryl walks up and looks down angrily at the wreck)
Daryl: Cops these days, as gullible as mice. (Looks up in the direction the kids went, seeing Kyle’s light over the field) Looks like I underestimated you Kyle. They’ll be more fun than I thought. (Sees another light off in another direction, vaguely in the direction the kids are going) What the hell? Another? There should only be one… (Starts off in the direction of the second shadow)
(The kids break out of the hay field onto a small road)
Kyle: Left!
Jeremy: (Turns left and they drive on)
Kyle: We’re almost there! I know it!
Ade: We’re almost where? I don’t think there’s anything out here.
Jeremy: Yeah, maybe you’re wrong Kyle.
Kyle: No it’s out here somewhere! Keep going. (They drive on until they pass a small barn on the side of the road) Stop! (They stop and all climb out)
Shiffs: This is it?
Kyle: Yes. (Walks up to the door and pushes it open, stepping inside after)
Ade: Uh, no offense Man, but I think you’ve snapped. (Suddenly the room erupts into piercing light so that nothing is visible)
Jeremy: Whoa Man!
Shiffs: That hurts!
Voice: Young one.
Kyle: It’s you!
Voice: You have come to the beginning. (The light lessens so they can all see a figure Addling in the room)
Kyle: Who… (Stops to pull off his hood) Who are you?
Figure: You don’t recognize me Kyle?
Kyle: No, who are you?
Figure: I am- (He’s cut off by a nearby explosion)
Ade: Whoa! (They all run outside and see huge fireball in the middle of the road, made by two semis that had just slammed into each other)
Jeremy: This must be a dangerous road.
Figure: What do you mean?
Jeremy: That’s the second accident in half an hour. (From the other direction a car comes towards the wreck, but veers to the side to avoid it… straight towards the barn)
Ade: Look out! (They all dodge to the side, avoiding the car as it slams into the barn totaling it)
Figure: This cannot be coincidence. He has found me.
Shiffs: Who?
Figure: (Looks up at something no one else can see, but through his eyes we see a dark shadow) Daryl.
Ade: Daryl? But he’s our friend.
Figure: You don’t .. (Something explodes behind them and they turn to see what it is. The explosion was the car they had avoided exploding, and the hubcap of the car that had just crashed into the barn flies straight towards the figure, cutting off his head)
Ade: Whoa Man!
Kyle: NNOOOOOOO!!! (Gets on his knees next to the body) Get up! I need to know! (Struggles to make the decapitated corpse rise to its feet)
Jeremy: Kyle… Come on Man. Let’s go home.
Kyle: No, I need to know! I have to know!
Ade: He’s dead Kyle.
Kyle: (Stops struggling and slowly gets to his feet) I was so close.
Jeremy: Maybe someday this will all be explained. But for now let’s just go home.
Ade: Yeah, I think things will return to normal after this.
Kyle: Normal… Right… (Slowly walk over to Jeremy’s car and hops in the back seat. Ade gets in the front and Shiffs sits next to Kyle. Silently without any reason, Kyle pulls his hood back over his face)
(In the midst of the hayfield a figure watches as they drive away, speaking telepathically with his father)
Daryl: It is done.
Satan: He remembers nothing?
Daryl: He knows he’s different, but that’s all. He doesn’t know who he really is, and he never will.
Satan: Very good. Does he have the sight?
Daryl: No. He’s just a normal boy again… As normal as he ever was before anyway.
Satan: Good. So it was him who was reaching out to Kyle.
Daryl: Yes. He was trying to break the seal on Kyle’s mind, but instead it released the sealed up memories from everybody Else’s, the memories they wished themselves to forget, even breaking Jesus seal on Cara’s mind.
Satan: Make sure everything is as it should be, then come back. (Terminates the link)
Daryl: Yes father.
(South Park. The kids pull up to Jeremy’s garage)
Jeremy: Well, I guess that’s it. Mysteries over.
Kyle: No. I will find out what was going on. I will find the truth!
Ade: I’d help Kyle, but I have to go check on Cara, she’s still shaken up after yesterday. Walks off)
Jeremy: Yeah, I think it’s over Kyle.
Kyle: I will know… Someday…
Shiffs: Yeah. Later guys. (Walks off as Jeremy goes inside the house)
Kyle: (Walks off into the street not really looking where he’s going)
Daryl: So what will you do now?
Kyle: (Looks up surprised, and sees him leaning against a building in a alleyway) I don’t know.
Daryl: Just forget it Kyle. You will never know the truth.
Kyle: You know, don’t you?
Daryl: (Smiles) I know everything Kyle. Comes from being the son of Satan.
Kyle: Tell me what it all means!
Daryl: I shouldn’t even be talking to you. But you’re my friend… So I just wanted to warn you not to look for the answers.
Kyle: Tell me! What am I!?
Daryl: You are Kyle, isn’t that enough?
Kyle: Not anymore! I used to fall for that but not now! Not after I came so close to knowing…
Daryl: Knowing what? It wouldn’t change anything if you had all the answers. All it would do is take the fun out of life.
Kyle: (Runs up and grabs Daryl by the shirt collar) Fun!? In case you never noticed I live in a s**t hole and my parents are abusive! Where’s the f**king fun in that!?
Daryl: (Slaps his hands away) Don’t push me Kyle! I don’t give a damn if you believe me or not just don’t look for the answers.
Kyle: You wouldn’t tell me not to unless I had a chance of finding them! (Silence) I will know Daryl!
Daryl: Maybe… But be careful in looking for them kid, or else the next time we meet, I will kill you. (Vanishes in a blaze of fire, leaving Kyle to stare at the wall dumbfounded)
Kyle: I will know Daryl, No matter what.

The End


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