Angry Birds Space

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Well, gravity is unique in the galaxy that will provide gaming sensation Angry Birds differ from previous versions.

Angry birds is equipped with a new stance, and do not forget, there is a new bird that help accomplish the mission. Interestingly, all the birds dressed up with accessories that make them look more cool.

There are 60 levels are waiting for Angry Birds in Space. Game players guess the pull of duty and inclination of catapults, if your estimate is right on the green pig or even much of a target?

Addictive games that are ready are available for Android-based mobile devices and IOS. For users of Android, you can download Angry Birds for free on Google Space Play, while penguna IOS device can download in the App Store at a price of 0.99 U.S. dollars.

Rovio also released a HD version of Angry Birds Space at a price of 2.99 U.S. dollars, but only cater to the specific iPad and Android devices.

Angry Birds Space is also present for PC and Mac computers.
Rovio Angry Birds Entertainment Ltd. launched the latest in a series of Space as a series of the game simultaneously across the world, on March 22. At the time of making this game, a team of Rovio get full support from NASA ((National Aeronautics and Space Administration) to get the accuracy of gravity, like in outer space.

Before its release, this game has been announced in space the first time on March 8 by a NASA astronaut who explains the nature of physics with props from the game Angry Birds. In Indonesia, the launch was held in Jakarta and hosted by Rovio representative for Southeast Asia, Pacific Licensing Studio.

The focus of the story in Angry Birds Space is still the same game series sebelumnya.Burung-bird try to defend their eggs from the pigs faced funny. The new character that appears in this Space Angry Birds, an outgrowth of the previous character, while an additional character is Ice Birds.

Battle between birds and pigs located in space, with a fairly high level of difficulty. Players adjust to gravity (gravity) and the vacuum, so that birds “anger” is on target to the enemy.

Supervisor Rovio to Asia, Henri Holm who inaugurated the series in Hong Kong said, the player must start at the easier level, that level of play to complete all 60 levels and become familiar with this new game.

This game series is the result of cooperation between the Rovio with NASA that can be downloaded and played on the IOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, computers, and Mac. This game prices range from 2.99 dollars to 7 dollars. Android users can get this game for free.

Rovio game as the developer of Space Angry Birds have a variety of local partners to make these games activation in each country. According to Wallace Tay – Managing Partners, Pacific Licensing Studio, Rovio forward to establish cooperation with PT Sari Husada, which in the next few months will deliver a shock in the various forms of activities related to Angry Birds.

Angry Birds is in the mind likes best game in the world today. This game ranks in the top 10 most downloaded games, since it was first launched in 2009.

Current downloaders Angry Birds has reached 700 million worldwide and the target could exceed 1 billion downloaders. Recently in the context of Chinese New Year, released the game Angry Angry Birds Birds Seasons Year of The Dragon & Cherry Blossom in February. Angry Birds Space is one of the series development of Angry Birds.


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