Be a Professional Worker? it is Easy

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Simple question that is described at length by this book. Jansen Sinamo, the author, a background in physics and then pursue a powerful motivator, discusses the philosophy and methods of how to become a professional superior workers. He introduced the work of encouragement and driving force, known as ethos.

As the title suggests, Ethos 8 Professional Work, talent, consists of 8 chapters plus several attachments, of course, there is prologue and epilogue as well. Eighth chapter outlines the principles of professional work are:

1. Work is grace; I worked Sincere Full Thankful

Grace is the gift of God is good, work is the recognition of grace means that God gave the job, because it must be appreciated and responded with gratitude to God. Therefore, we work with thankful and grateful to God who has given grace every day.

2. Work is Amanah; I Integrity Working Properly

Amanah is the deposit of God entrusted to the workers, to humans. As a recipient of the trust, each worker is obliged to carry out the mandate as well as possible. God entrusted the provision, means the workers entrusted by God, therefore as one who believed God, the worker must carry out the mandate with responsibility, with integrity. Therefore, we work with full responsibility as a response to the Lord entrusted the Supreme Good.

3. Work is a holy calling; I Work Completed Integrity

Holy call means a call from the Almighty, and something that is not without blemish. People who are called should be grateful for the call as a messenger of God. Because of this work is to present and disseminate messages (messages) from God Almighty. The worker can also be interpreted as a Messenger of God. Sacred duty as a worker is to spread the truth through the work.

4. Work is the actualization; Full of spirit I Work Hard

Actualization is to realize the real presence, as he said is to realize the potential of altering and competence that leads to the results, outputs and outcomes. Because of this work is to explore all the talent, and talent to be a useful product. For that we need effort and a genuine effort to be the potential, talent and talent is buried daam every worker, otherwise the potential and talent into a ripe fruit to be enjoyed by everyone.

5. Work is Worship; I Work Full of Love and Devotion Seriously

Do not just worship in the synagogue or in places of worship events. Worship is very contextual actually do the job. With the work we do worship, the worship of course work is work done with the purpose to glorify God and help fellow human beings. Therefore, every worker should realize the work and duties as worship to God. Working with the totality of devotion to God’s true worship. Working as a service to glorify God as a vertical relationship, work as worship with horizontal relations, and virtue is doing good to man.

6. Work is Art; I Work Full Intelligent Creativity

All of that beauty, like the harmony. The beauty and harmony is an art, then the real work is also an art. Mengkesplorasi all creative work is to create beauty and harmony. Believe, understand and carry out the work as art would make every worker to work with all my love. He was able to produce products that are beautiful and menawn. Because of this work is to explore all of human creativity into something that has the love and beauty.

7. Work is honor; I Work Full Advantage Diligent

Accept the results or the wages of the job is an honor, because the work is a tribute to a person’s ability and excellence. Someone took a job is the person who received the honor. People who receive kehoramatan must maintain the honor with every effort that can be done. So if you are tasked to do something, that means there is given the honor to finish it. Because of that work must be done with all diligence to

8. Work is a ministry; I Work Full Plenary Humility

Serve is to give the best to SAMPLES, so a work of serving others, serve SAMPLES are providing the best quality. Such workers are the glorious war. A job is to serve the minister, who served the community and others who provide services to the community. Ministers serving governor, serving mayor, serving Regents, to the Governor, regents and mayors to serve the community well. Mother Teresa ministering to the poorest of the destitute in India. Mother Theresa was a noble servant. Work is service. Therefore, each worker must serve with all my heart with generosity. Every worker is a noble person.

With the description in the book, every worker whether merchants, batik, sculptors, professors, managers and bureaucrats should be the obligation of professional workers. There is no reason to shy away from that obligation. Every worker, or even the artists were responsible for making him a professional. Above all the bureaucrats who held the mandate to serve the public, a professional bureaucracy is unavoidable obligation. The denial of liability was actually a form of resignation to the bureaucrats. Because it’s not professional bureaucrats who must quickly improve themselves and improve the quality of self, before the community will provide social penalties and formal punishment.

In the latest edition of this book, the author adds background formulation 8 ethos that has developed. The author describes 8 ethos as a unified principle that must be owned by every employee. Any person who claims to work should apply the principles of ethics are in addition to increasing output and outcomenya, but also to increase income and self-actualization.

The book examines the work of sipekerja terms. How influential factors to boost the quality of self in terms of its own internal workers. To enhance the professionalism of a worker, other than internal factors themselves, there are also external factors that affect a worker work ethic. This book does not explore these external factors.


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