Being a Good Roommate

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I recently graduated college and spent my entire time in college living in the dorms as well as on campus apartments for my senior year. Throughout the years I had different roommates from my best friend in high school to girls I have met throughout my college career. Their personalities differed and their living styles differed as well. We all made mistakes, but learned from all of them to become a better roommate for each other and our future roommates. In the long run learning how to be a better roommate, also made us better friends, daughters, girlfriends and students. There are many ways to be a good roommate; there are also many ways to be a bad roommate.

One of the biggest things that helps make a person a good roommate is to be clean. Because you are sharing a small space with someone you need to keep the room clean. Don’t leave your clothing everywhere, take out the garbage, vacuum and other cleaning duties. Don’t leave it to your roommate to do these things. They are just as busy as you are with their own classes and work schedules. You wouldn’t want to come back to a dirty room, and neither does your roommate. Make a schedule to help out with shared responsibilities like vacuuming and cleaning the dishes.  You do not want to be one of the roommates that doesn’t clean  up your mess and doesn’t help out with the daily cleaning l ike the dishes, vaccumming and other things.

When your roommate is trying to sleep or study hard, make sure they have the quiet they need. Ask if it would disturb them to turn on the radio or television. If you want music you can use head phones or see if you could play the music very low. If they are trying to sleep use a small desk lamp when you are reading, writing, or surfing the net. Try not to type too loud, sometimes when one is sleeping the typing of computer keys can be annoying and make it harder to sleep at night.  Don’t have friends over when a roommate wants to go to bed, go to your friends’ rooms or somewhere else.  Repect your roommate’s needs when they need to sleep or quiet.  The library is always a good place to go to study or do homework if your roommate needs to go to bed and  you need to stay up.

Be respectful. If you smoke or drink and they don’t, don’t do it in the room unless you find out if they are comfortable with it. If not then smoke outside or drink somewhere else. Don’t be a party animal. I know some college students like to go out and party, but others try to get the most they can from college and don’t party that much. You don’t want to disturb your roommate by coming in at a late hour when they try to sleep. Don’t disturb your roommate when they are studying or on the phone.  If they ask you to not do something when they are around, don’t do it.

Sometimes finding out how to live with someone else with a different personality, style even culture than yours is to simply live with them. There will always be times when you will get on each other’s nerves, but at the same time many memories will be made, and a friendship will be created that could last a lifetime


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