Healthy Diet, Healthy Living.

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A balanced diet   is one which contains food in such a proportion that the body’s need for energy, amino acids,vitamins ,minerals ,fats , carbohydrates and proteins are satisfied .

Firstly, the daily protein requirement is about 10-15% of daily energy intake .Some good sources of protein of animal origin are egg , meat , cheese, fish ,fowl.Egg is considered the best among food proteins because of its high biological value and digestability.

Some vegetable sources of protein are pulses[legumes],cereals ,beans ,nuts etc.

Secondly,fat intake should be limited to 15-30% of food intake.The main animal sources of fat are butter,milk,cheese and fats of meat and fish. Main plant sources are groundnuts,mustards etc.

A diet rich in fat can pose a number of treats like :-

A]Obesity  B]Heart Diseases –high intake of saturated fatty acid is considered to be a risk factor for Coronary Heart Disease.  C]In recent years fatty diet is also considered to increase the risk of Colon  and Breast Cancer .Thus the consumption of fatty food must be limited.

Egg has high cholesterol content but is a good source of DHA.Fish has less fat ,saturated fatty acid and cholesterol but is rich in PUFA .

PUFA or poly unsaturated fatty acids are the precursors of Prostaglandins .They are required for the excretion of cholesterol .Thus they reduce cholesterol levels .

Fish oil is also known to reduce the risk of Coronary Heart Disease.However PUFA should not be more than 30%of fat as excess may lead to the production of free radicles which damages the cells .

Carbohydrate is the main source of energy .The 3 main sources of carbohydrates are starches , sugar  and cellulose . Most fruits , vegetables {except potatoes ,water melon ,sweet corn }, pasta ,bean lentils are known to have a low glycemic index and can be used by patients of Diabetics and Obesity .

Vitamins and minerals are to be taken in sufficient amounts .Foods such as liver oil ,butter , carrots are good sources of vitamin A . Liver , egg yolk and cheese are good sources of vitamin D .

 Salt intake should be restricted to 5gms per day.

Balanced diet has become a mean to save the population from various nutritional disorders . Thus we can come to the conclusion  that many of the diseases that we come across can be avoided by following a good and healthy diet


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