How to Freshen Curtains and Window Treatments

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Prepare the curtains that you wish to clean by gently batting them with your hand to release any loose dirt or dust that might be clinging to the fabric. If you cannot reach all the way to the top, use a clean fly swatter to achieve the same effect, but be gentle. Get your clothes steamer ready by filling it with the recommended amount of clean water. Before sealing it closed, add 4 drops Bergamot Essential Oil to the water and 3 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil to the water. Plug the steamer in within reach of the curtains that you want to freshen. Turn the steamer on, and allow it to heat up. Once you see steam being released, it is ready for use. You will be able to smell the oils in the steam.Use the steamer to gently glide over the surface of the fabric, allowing the steam to go entirely through the fabric. If the fabric is too thick for the steam to pass through, glide over the front of the fabric, then do the same for the back of the fabric.The steam will sanitize and soften the fabric, and the essential oils will freshen them, leaving a light, clean aroma. The eucalyptus will also help deter any bugs (moths) from making a home in your curtains, which could potentially ruin them. When using the clothes steamer, you want to be certain to follow the directions and warnings that came with it. Each steamer is different, so you will have to check yours for specific warnings to be sure you wont hurt yourself. And as always, use good judgement with steam, as it can burn skin.


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