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chat_Thumb.jpg Click on the link below and watch a 5 minute video about a brand new application that is just exploding in popularity. But the best part is you’ll get paid just for spreading the word, like I’m doing now. This is not a pyramid scam! You are selling a product. This could be life changing for you. Don’t miss it.

signup2_Thumb.jpg After watching the video there will be a Sign up now button. You heard the video, right? If you invite just 3 people and each of those did the same 9 times, your earnings would be over $7,000!!! What would you do with $7,000 a month? It only costs $5.99 to join so what do you have to lose! Or you can let this pass you up. Click the Sign up now button.   Type in all necessary information. There are brief training videos to assist in a marketing plan for you. There is a chatterbox application which enables you to add your chat to text icon anywhere with just one click. It can be added to your myspace, facebook, email, or website. There are many resources avaible to assist you. There is a statistics page which will allow you to easily view your profits and contact people. You can also view how many times your video has been viewed. Now all you have to do is start inviting people. If you have any questions or need help, you can contact me through Bukisa or send me a direct email at You can also contact my upline (Marcie) at


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