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Once you enjoyed a successful career in something, then along came the baby, and with it, the choice. Who is going to look after the “precious”. So, choice was made and with it, a life change. Woman back to work, man to stay at home. The old role reversal. I can’t say it will work for everyone, it’s all down to the individual, but one thing is for sure, for the “man” it will have its downsides.

Say goodbye to your mates, you now have nothing in common (unless they are house husbands – doubtful)

Say goodbye to your financial freedom, its now cap in hand to the other half

Say goodbye to your self respect and social standing, you will get the “LOOK”

So, after time, you finally have some time to yourself to ponder, about life, jobs, money. You cannot commit to a job, due to childcare commitments, life is still the same, and you still have no money. So what to do?

You could try the following internet favourites:

Ebay, clickbank, paydotcom, dropshipping sites, your own website, with mass affiliation, even article writing.You could even scour the net, for work at home sites, or try your hand at stocks and shares, its certainly not as easy as it all sounds, because the bottom line is this, if it was easy to work from home, wouldn’t everybody be doing it!!

Or, what about car boots at the weekend, you could order wholesale and sell at your local boot, if you can get away, but you will find out fairly soon, that they do not provide a solid monthly income, and the security, that, according to society, is what you are meant to provide for your family.

So, in conclusion, you can work from home, there are certainly plenty of opportunities out there, but you have to find something you enjoy, something that doesn’t take up all your time, and something that works. Told you it wasn’t easy!!!!


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