Germs Are Everywhere–Watch Out

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The followings are places where germs may breed. When being in any of them, make sure you have anti bacteria tissue with you. Just in case.

• Shopping trolleys at supermarkets are breeding places for various kinds of germs. As you may notice that some sneezing shoppers touch their running noses and get hold of the trolley bars. Meat packages may leak, causing such bacteria as Escherichia salmonella, campylobacter and E coli. All these will cause diseases you have to deteriorate quickly. According to Charles Gerba, a microbiologist from University of Arizona, 70 – 80 % of shopping trolleys have been reported to have E.coli. Should you have to use the shopping trolley when shopping, make sure you use disinfectant tissue when gripping the trolley handle bar, and wash all vegetables and fruits thoroughly at home.

• Playing grounds are also places where germs are breeding. Kids like touching things there and take their fingers to their mouths. Keep tabs on your children and wash their hands as soon as they are through playing.

• Public toilets. Most women are scared of public toilets. Bacteria cluster in the sink as people will touch the faucets after using the toilets. Faucets are moist parts where germs can survive longer there. Also watch out for soap dispensers as everyone would touch them as well.

• A survey on 113 offices in 5 big cities found that there were about 25,000 germs on phone receivers, tables and computer keyboards. Gerba said that germs on office tables are 400 times as many as those on toilet seats. Women’s tables have more germs than men’s because women have more articles on their tables. Wipe tables, phone receivers with anti bacteria tissue to avoid germs from breeding.

• Eating in a restaurant is also a threat. Wiping cloth that waiters use to clean tables is often dirty. Use anti bacteria tissue to clean the seat and table.

• Libraries are also like restaurants they have a lot of germs on the table, chair, and computers. Always use clean tissues to touch everything there.

• How many times do you touch escalator handrails at malls when going up and down? Bacteria here breed as many different people come and touch their hands on escalator handrails Wash your hands with anti bacteria tissues.

So, it is very important to bring anti bacteria tissue every time you go out. We can’t stay away from those places but with tissue we are better protected.


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