What a Good Conversation Takes

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Everyone likes to get to know people, and sometimes there is that person you would like to conversate with but you can’t come up with something in mind to talk about.

First of all make some subtle eye-contact.
Eye contact is a universal language, eyes tell a lot, and maybe with this kind of contact you can draw somebody’s attention.  Do it subtle though, don’t keep on staring. But keep some short contact for a couple of seconds now and then.

You can go towards the person, while making new eye contact you can ask how he or she is doing?
Now the ice is broke and first real contact has been made.
Ask open-ended questions.  If it’s on any event you meet this person you can ask him about the event, if he is enjoying it.
Stay relaxed and natural.  You can give a compliment like “I like the shirt you are wearing!” Maybe it’s a shirt with a picture of a place in the world in the world where you have been or you would like to go, then you can built the conversation further on this.

Some other tips:
When a person talks, wait untill he is finished for your turn, listening good is important!
When a conversation falls flat, don’t feel awkward, just start another topic.. A silence moment is beneficial aswell, to give some space.
Notice the details about a person, they can tell a lot about the person, the type of clothes he wears, the expression on the face can tell a lot, if the person looks sporty you can ask about the sports he is doing..

Try to get his attention, you can do this by paying attention towards him, listen to the things he has to say, maybe he likes to share something by only asking what he is doing in life, how he feels about certain things.. listen well, makes you able to find more questions about the topic. It could flatter the other person by knowing you are interested.

Share some interests, ask him what his interests are and maybe you have something in common.. Also the more interests you have, more chance you have common interests! (The same courses you followed or taste in music, sports you both practice…)
Tell him about plans you want to make to practice new sports or go to some events, this could be the point where a date is in the make!

Always try to give a happy feeling about topics, so rather not talk too much about relationships he had etc.. When he links you to happy subjects he might like you even more!

But best of all is to talk about the things that come up in mind while you are having the conversation.


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