Mr. Obama Visits Mexico. Why Crimes and Drugs are Destroying Mexico?

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The truth behind this sad reality.   (part one of two)

Who can we blame for all the crimes and drugs that today destroy this beautiful country? If I say, the Mexican people, would you believe me?  
If I say, the USA, would you believe me?  If I say, The PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party), would you believe me?  If I say, Televisa and the Catholic Church, would believe me?  Ok! for now you do not have to say:
“I believe you.”  But, I can guarantee you that when you finish reading this article; the bold truth will be hitting your head.

I lived in the Capital of Mexico, in downtown, since 1998 to 2006. I watched two candidates, Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon, became presidents.  I taught Spanish and Literature at all levels, Primary, Secondary, High School and in two colleges; I traveled a lot inside that country; I met with right and left-wings politicians; I met with writers and journalists.  I know the Mexican history, and the most important: I know how Mexican politicians behave; how rich people and businessmen made their fortunes; and how the Mexican drugs dealers do their business.  Then, what you are going to read is only the truth and nothing else but the truth about today Mexican crimes and drugs situation.  

In the same way, and based on data, that I affirm that the USA is totally broken and nobody could avoid its fall; I too affirm that Mexico will never be a decent and peaceful country, and therefore, it has not future.  Mexico was led since 1929 to 2000 by the PRI.  I mean, this corrupt political party was in power for 71 years.  Just ask yourself, what a party must do to keep the power for all those years?  What did it need to accomplish that incredible record?   

Believe me, there are not many ways a party could do this.  I would say that there is only one: through corruption, crimes and manipulation.  And that was exactly what the PRI did in those 71 years.  PRI leaders never cared about anything.  Nothing or nobody could never stop them.  They had not breaks. They did what they had to do at any moment. They were a Democratic Party support by USA.  If they needed to kill an opposition leader, a journalist or a catholic Cardinal, they just kill him.  Mexico, (The PRI), is the only country which has assassinated a catholic Cardinal. The way he was assassinated you could only watch it in a bad movie.  

If the PRI needed to bribe an opposition party or a church’s leader, they did it. It did not matter how much money it cost.  The PRI was rich enough to buy anybody. They owned the whole country.  However, all what they did to their country have had a high price for the whole population.  According to an Occde study, Mexico is only one place above the last in education on this planet. And also, studies inside Mexico show that each Mexican only read a book per year.  As I was a teacher there, I can confirm you that this is absolutely correct.

I will reveal you a secret; please do not tell it to anybody else: in 1995, the last Mexican PRI President, called Ernesto Cedillo, a regrettable one for Mexico, read a study about Mexican education situation prepared by the Occde. This study stated that Mexico was just above the last country, an African country, he right away demanded to his Department of Education to hide it.  So they did!  Some years later everybody knew the truth. Pay attention, please, that was in 1995, not in 1895.

Why I am telling you this? Remember that I have told you that Corruption, crimes and manipulation were the weapons the PRI used to keep wining elections. Then, it is easy to infer the reason behind this. Who is easier to manipulate, a person with education or a moron?  Of course, the last one is the best candidate!  Now you can understand why Mexican people lack of knowledge, and why they just read an average of one book per year. The majority of Mexican people do not even know that the USA appropriated, took away more than half of their territory.  Televisa has not revealed them this secret yet. However, they are willing to kill or die; to be happy or sad when Televisa tells them that their Football Team has lost or won. What do you think, so far?

Knowing this make me really sad. To see how a small group of ambitious and corrupt people destroy a country of more than 100 million people make sad and very angry.  Just try to figure out how many millions those PRI bureaucrats spent to turn a whole country in a big mess with not education.  What would Mexico be today if those corrupt and voracious bureaucrats would have spent all those millions in EDUCATION instead of manipulation and crimes?  In 1968, The PRI army killed around 800 students who where protesting against the government.  Each former PRI president is a millionaire today.  They all live like kings.

Again, how could they manipulate such a big country?  It looks like a hard job to do.  But not for The PRI.  Something occurred that favored their secret and nasty plan: The television started its development. That was a lucky moment for this party.  Televisa was born. It was founded by (Al Bundy), a shoeseller, called Emilio Azcarraga.  Don’t think he was a rich man. No, he was a poor-ambitious, undereducated man who was able of doing anything to become rich and powerful.  And then he found the PRI’s leaders who shared the same ambitions. Together they made the best combination that a political party and an ambitious television man could have ever made in any country around the world.  Meanwhile Mexican people are still paying the price.

(On Thursday you can read part two)


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