Best self tanners for summer

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Are you looking to get that perfect tan this summer? We all know that the sun and the tanning beds are very bad for our skin. They cause wrinkles, cancer, sagging skin, aging, eye damage, and some skin conditions like itchy skin, dry skin, and even blotchy skin spots. We would

 all love to have that nice Hollywood looking tan without having any of these conditions, but what can we use as a healthier alternative? Is there a safer way of getting a nice natural looking tan? Yes, there are 4 alternatives to a safer tan you can try. You can make your own self tanning lotion, use an organic self tanner, make a simple bronzer, or buy one of the best self tanning lotions on the market.

Before I got married and had kids I was a total tan buff. I use to lay out in the sun as much as possible, go to the tanningsalons religiously, and make and use different self tanners to get the best looking tan around. After learning the bad health concerns regarding to the tanning beds and the sun I automatically stopped and just stuck with the self tanners. Back then though the self tanning lotions were so horrible. Some of them made you look Orange, stained your skin, smelled horrible, gave you a headache, and took forever to dry. After experimenting with so many I ended up finding some of the best. These self tanning lotions made you look natural, no mess, no orange, no stains, dried fast, and the results were great. Here are my best recommendations for self tanning lotions plus a bonus how to do tip on making your own self tanner.


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