Another Fuel Scarcity In Nigeria

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In Nigeria there is nothing like giving back to the electorate that helped put the elected government officials in office(s) from the president to the local ward councillor. Why did I say this you might be asking? Simple is the answer. There are too few office-holders in Nigeria today in this present crop of leaders who was duly elected based on the votes from the electorates. They were simply selected by the silly and annoying government of the then president General Olusegun Obasanjo who forced unpopular candidates in his unholy ‘do-or-die’ appraoch to politics and campaign.

Why did I start my feelings this way today? There is an artificial fuel scarcity in the whole of the federation called Nigeria. Can you imagine that the world’s sixth largest fuel producer is having such an experience even as we are warming up to celebrate ten years of un-interrupted practice of democracy in Africa’s phonniest nation. Phonney in the sense that the resaon adduced to the lingering fuel scarcity from the spokesperson of NNPC – the nations regulatory body, is that it is as a result of the easter break hence tanker drivers did not lift petroleum products from the depots scattered around the country. It was very silly an excuse to give to an already maligned and ill-governed people called Nigerians. We have suffered so much in the last ten years under democracy where the only dividend of democracy we have been showered with is hunger, mis-government, corruption and tribalism, nepotism and religious killings.

I now begin to wonder what the people who were supposed to make sure that there was no stoppage to supply of petroleum products during the easter break were thinking that they forgot to make alternative means to steady petroleum supply to show that they are actually working even though every Nigerian knows they are doing nothing but to share the money they have been making over the years.

I wonder what it will cost a government in Nigeria to do the right thing by the people and stop causing them so much stress. Can prayer do this? I believe!


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