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We must be very careful in online media and avoid clicking unwanted links which we suspect. As we know a lot of scammers are available in online media, we must be very careful with them. Mostly this kind of scammers and spammers targeting the persons from social sites. As we make friends easily in the social site and post comments or links and send personal messages to our friends easily using the social sites.

We must avoid clicking the strange links in our social site wall and comment board. Mostly this kind of spammers and scammers target facebook, lot of people using fb. This kind of scammers will send friend request to us and post some strange link in our wall with some attractive messages, we are curious to check the message and click the link, we don’t get affect if the site is good. But, if it contains a virus or malware our system will be affected after clicking the link. We don’t know which link is good and which is a scam one, we must be very careful while clicking the link.

Recently one of my friends fb account is hacked by an application. He just joined with a fb application with his friend’s request. His new friend posted his referral link of an new application in his wall, my friend is curious to check about the application and clicked the link, after clicking the link he is in need to login to fb again. After logging in to his account he got a message stated that his account was hacked by some one. He was shocked with this information as he shared his personal things in fb. We must be very careful and avoid sharing our personal things in social sites to avoid this kind of problems.

Don’t click any link, if you have doubts and suspects. Mostly this kind of hackers and scammers may use shortened URL’s. We must be very careful while clicking the shortened links. Having a good anti virus and malware software in our system always help us to avoid unwanted virus and malware affects as well as hacking activities. Better to avoid clicking the strange links from unknown persons for our safety.


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