Spiritual Retreats

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Spiritual Retreat in any way on Vacation Time

Etching time and space for your spiritual life, nature, or nurture your connection weird, or deepen your connection with your inner self, a challenge for us all, we all lead busy lives Crazy may be in the midst. But without those connections, you are more sensitive to the stress with.

Find a way to stay focused and no matter what life throw your way, just to help you understand your stress-related illness and other problems can because stress will help protect grounded.

Contemplative Spiritual Retreat What do you need?

Take this quiz and find out.

Make sure you determine whether or not they have the right to privacy is now time to plan can help.

Seven Signs You Need a Spiritual Healing Retreat

(1) You do not protest when a stressful life, easily irritated, frustrated or impatient to be.

(2) You do not sleep well or to go up a fresh riots.

(3) The transition point in your life and you need some direction.

(4) Deep down you know that you have stressed related physical symptoms are manifesting.

(5) If you lose your center and disconnected, unmoored or have been feeling helpless.

(6) You have at least one unresolved issue is that you have been promising yourself some time and attention you so that you can give a closed or healing, but it puts you off.

(7) If you have recently experienced a loss and you know you are starting to come to terms with some of the informal process and it requires time.

How did you do? If you are a “yes” answer is more than you “no” answer, then some type of retreat is in order. But no positive response reflects the time you need to find meaning only if it is to determine how to resolve concerns.

How do you find time?


Mini – retreats

You come up with as you can. Five minutes. Ten or twenty minutes

The daily “change your life” kind of effect, you need at least twenty minutes a day. You can break up and start your day as bookends at the end of ten minutes or a shot of all the modules in use.

How I recommend some form of deep breathing and focus on your breath or a candle flame, or even if it only focuses on a tree in the distance. If you want to give a specific reason, a problem that requires a resolution or an issue that needs healing, transformation, which offer up to you and breathe, deeply and slowly.

Any articles that you can journal about it

The focus of the next article in this series of two week long vacation retreats and retreats will be made.


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