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Everyone is interested  in getting success in their life and getting popularity with their achievement, it is not easy to get popularity in the real world, since we must face a lot of competitions and deal with a lot of persons, but we can attain the same popularity in online world easily if we have skill and talents.

Achievement always needs hard work either in online/offline. It is really hard to get success in offline world, but we can achieve it easily in the online virtual media. As we know it is hard to meet the celebrities and popular person directly in offline world. But we can meet the same celebrity face to face in online chatting, internet and virtual media reduced the distance and we can go anywhere and everywhere within fraction of second using this virtual medium.

Our hard work and confidence help us to achieve a lot and reach our target. Most of the online stars are merely common persons. They became popular after achieving their target. In fact most of the online achievers are still not familiar to lot of people, but most of the people are using their software and application. So it is not tough to get popularity in online world to the person whoever have skills and talents, also achieving in online is not a great thing, anyone can achieve it with their hope and confidence.

We must encourage the person whoever trying their best to achieve a thing in their life. Don’t think getting popularity is hard, skilled and talented person always achieve their target and become famous with their achievement. Some persons will get shyness to achieve their target in offline world, stage fear and public fear are common to many persons. But in online world, we don’t have this kind of fear and express our thoughts and opinions easily without any hesitation and become popular with our effort.

In my opinion getting popularity in online is very much easier than getting popularity in offline, as well as we can reach a lot of persons around the world using online medium without strain and get a good name based on our talents, dedication, hard work and effort.


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