How to Write a Profitable Freelance Article

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Freelance writing has been very profitable for some authors. As for the rest, many articles end up with very few views, earning little or no revenue. In this article, I will briefly describe how most freelance articles earn money, then I will discuss the components of a successful article. Both new and experienced freelance writers, alike, can improve their writing to generate higher income.

After years of freelance writing, and thousands of published articles, I have come to an understanding of the income systems in place. I, by no means, earn a living off freelance writing, but I have been able to establish a nice source of additional income. I am going to focus on the website Bukisa, as I have just begun to write for them more often. I do have experience writing for other freelance writing websites, such as Helium, Triond, Wonder How To, as well as many others. If you are interested in those, comment on this article and I can write reviews of each.

Now, before I discuss writing a good article, I will briefly describe how Bukisa works. Basically, it is all about page views. The more people that look at your article, the more money you make. In the past, Bukisa handled payments themselves. Recently, Google Adsense has taken over. They keep track of your page traffic and payments. This requires an adsense account, which is free, but it can be linked to other articles from other sites as well. You can have all your article’s earnings from any freelance site tracked in google adsense, which is very efficient. Adsense puts advertisements on your article’s webpage, then they pay you based on how much traffic you draw. This is basically how Bukisa works.

Knowing that, it is relatively simple to write a profitable article. You know what gets you paid, so you need to focus your writing on accomplishing that task. It is all about drawing traffic. The first thing you need to do is write a quality article. As with any writing, your grammar needs to be perfect. When writing an informative article, do research so you know what you are talking about. Cite sources if needed, as plagiarization is something you definitely want to avoid. As far as choosing a topic, you are obviously free to choose to write about what you want. I would definitely write about something you are somewhat knowledgable about. It is a good idea to also research what people want to read. Research popular trending keywords used in search engines. Tailor your article to what people will read. Adding hyperlinks to an article will help draw traffic, but is not neccessary. After you have written a good quality article, make sure you proofread for mistakes. You will be amazed at what you will find after just one quick proofread.

After you have finished writing and revising, you will be prompted to add keywords. Use lots of keywords that you think people would search. Bukisa can even suggest keywords if you are stumped. I am not going into grave detail about keywords because an entire article could be written about how keywords work, but make sure you use good keywords. This will be the primary source of page views. Next, you need to advertise. This is the most effective ways to get people to look at your article. Be active within the writing community. Go read other people’s articles and make comments, tell people about your articles. Don’t beg for page views, but you can use comments to get traffic. You can even use YouTube by commenting on related videos. Be active in forums, as well as any other online communities. I would also highly reccomend advertising on social networking sites. Advertising is very important in earning profit from your articles.

In conclusion, I want to remind you that anyone can write a profitable article. As long as you write well, you will do fine. What determines the profitablity of your article is what you do after writing it. Use keywords to your advantage. Be active in online communities and advertise everywhere. It also takes time. Most articles won’t start earning until weeks or even months after you write them. I had one article take almost two years to earn one dollar. After it earned that dollar, it took three days to earn twenty dollars from a single article. Now, if you can do this with just a couple articles, the earning potential is definitely there. If you can do this with many articles, the earning potential is endless. On one last note, not all articles will be profitable. Don’t feel like a failure if your article doesn’t earn much, if any at all. You will never know what will and won’t work. Just write as many articles as you can, and more than likely, at least one will earn you good money.


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