Excessive Barking – What Causes Barking Problems?

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Ever wondered why excessive barking is such a problem with your dog?  How can you stop a barking dog?  Here are simple ways to end problem barking. 

Why Your Dog Barks

There are many reasons why dogs bark, but the most common reason for problem barking is that your pup just has too much energy.  Most dog owners just don’t realize how much exercise a dog needs.  An hour and a half is the minimum for burning up all the energy.  If your dog is cooped up in the house all day, or in the back yard, he needs a good long walk every morning and every evening.  If you don’t have the time for this, you should consider hiring someone to walk him.

Walks are good for mental exercise, too.  Your canine needs to investigate new smells and sounds.  It’s good for him to meet new people and other dogs, too, so he won’t bark at any little thing.

Dogs are pack animals.  They need to interact with other canines.  If there’s a dog park nearby, take your pup there often so he can make canine friends to play with.  He’ll burn off so much energy playing that he’s apt to spend his time sleeping when you’re gone.

Many people think that their pooch gets plenty of exercise just by being out in the yard.  He may be running around, but often this is nervous activity, like pacing or fidgeting in people.  Along with walking him twice daily, provide him with lots of toys to keep him occupied.  A bored dog is much more likely engage in loud barking, just for something to do.

Attention-seeking barking is very common.  It’s extremely easy to accidentally train your dog to bark to get your attention, especially if you respond to him every time he makes he whines or cries.  If he barks to get your attention, stand up, turn away from him, and walk off.  Don’t reward nuisance barking with attention, or you’ll have barking problems very quickly.

Teach Him To Bark On Command

This may seems like a strange thing to do to stop a barking dog.  But this is only the beginning.  You also need to teach him to stop barking on command, too.  By doing this, you’re taking control of his vocalizing.  He barks when you tell him to, and and he stops when you tell him to. 

Companion dog training is essential for teaching your canine the rules of the house.  He needs to be relaxed and listening to you.  This is also good mental exercise for your buddy.  Make training into a game.  He’ll enjoy a fast-paced routine of come, sit, stay, come, heel, sit, shake, etc., interspersed with lots of hugs and praise.  Training shouldn’t be boring for either one of you.

Your next step should be to find a good dog training course.  The best way to avoid excessive barking and other bad dog behaviors is by starting his training at an early age.


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