Hot Spaghetti Salad

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Hot Spaghetti salad

Serves 4

This might sound a bit odd but give it a chance and I’m sure you will find a firm outdoor summer favourite. It is a very quick and impressive ladies lunch dish

What you will need:


225 g or 8 oz              Whole Tomatoes ripe the tastier the better

350 g 12 oz                  Spaghetti or other similar long pasta of your choice

75 g or 3 oz                  Mozzarella diced small

2                                   Cloves of garlic crushed

6 to 8                            Basil leaves ripped in small pieces (leave 2 whole for garnish)

4                                   Anchovy filets chopped (miss out if not your thing)

45ml or 3 tablespoons  Olive oil preferably extra virgin (try to avoid light if possible)

15ml or 1 tablespoon    Capers (optional)

15 ml or 1 tablespoon  White balsamic vinegar (even more optional!)

7.5 ml or ½ tablespoon Chopped fresh oregano or marjoram

Salt for pasta (put more in than you would normally) and fresh ground black pepper


1 big Pot for boiling pasta and blanching tomatoes

Pot for spaghetti

A salad bowl


Bring pot of water to the boil

Cut ends of tomatoes with an ‘x’ and place tomatoes in water and allow skins to split for flesh (about a minute no more)

Remove from water and place tomatoes under cold tap.

Add salt to water and bring to rolling boil then add spaghetti and cook as per instructions on packet until ‘al dente’.

Meanwhile peel skin from tomatoes quarter and seed and place in the salad bowl

Add all the other ingredients to the bowl leaving a couple of olives and the basil leaves

When spaghetti is cooked drain and add to salad bowl toss with the ingredients

Add the garnish of olives and basil and serve immediately.

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Note: The cold ingredients may be prepared earlier in the day and left in the bowl just leaving you the pasta to cook and throw on the table.

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