Can You do a Business Without a License in Las Vegas

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What will happen if you do a business without a license? In every state, you will need to get a business license for your business. It’s hard to do an official business without a license. You can do a small in home business that no one ever knows about, but if they do they can report you to the police if you scam them or things come up and you can be arrested and fine for it. You can come into contact with undercover agent if you advertise your business online. You can get arrested if you sale or provide a service to an undercover agent. It’s imperative that you don’t advertise yourself or that you do have licenses for everything that you do.

You will need to go to the city hall and tell them about your business and then get a license there. Once you get a license there, you can then begin to do businesses. It’s best to have a license so you don’t get arrested and don’t worry about taxes, since you only pay what you made and most of the time business owners can write tons of things off of their taxes so you might not have to pay a lot. However, you can’t risk not having a license, paying fines and going to jail.

Getting a license is very simple, you just need to come and fill out an application and have an interview with them state and let them know about your business and suppliers if it’s a non-service business and if it’s a service business, then you must also have license or credentials also for those businesses . It’s better safe than sorry. You would pay about $80 or more for your licenses. I suggest that people do get licenses because sometimes your customers can sue you or report you for malpractice if you don’t have a license and you can go to jail or pay penalties even. It’s best to have a license and not go to jail for it. Plus, it’s more professional and you will gain more clientelle that way because people are afraid to work with non-licensed business anyways. It’s easy to get one and you can even get one online nowadays.


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