Is Nevada a Good State For Nursing Jobs

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Nursing is a highly demanding field. You can be sure to find nursing jobs in Nevada, however there are fallbacks too, like limited in hospitals or poor management or strict regulations that you will easier in other states. Nevada is a strict state when it comes to regulations. The regulations and laws here are neck tight and you might deserve a break in other states. They’re not like California which is my favorite state to work for in nursing. The laws in CA are more flexible.

There are about four hospitals brands or owners in Las Vegas that are large operators. There are small urgent care clinics and outpatient’s clinics and a few clinics but there are not that many counties here in Vegas and therefore not that many hospitals. If you were hired by one and you lose your job, you might not be able to go back to their other branches because it’s all less than one owner. You will have to move out of states. It’s hard to find a desirable job nowadays in the hospital around here in Vegas because most of the good ones are taking and the bad ones that no one wants like med-surge with horrible bosses are left behind. Management here is not the best either since I worked for all three brands; I know that they are not the best. There were scams here and abuse issues all the time.

I think that the positions that you want for your specialties might not be available and you might have to end up taking jobs that you don’t really like. You might not be able to find hot jobs in areas such as pads, ob, or psych, rehab, since they’re the easier posts and they have been taking. This is difficult but you can always research online to see which positions are available and some of them are just posted there but might not be available. They might be filled already. I do not think that there are good opportunities in nursing in Las Vegas. You might want to stick in other states like CA or New York even. I have also heard that the nursing advances here in NV is also years behind in other states like CA.


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