Adjustment Disorder

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 Accordingly, this is a circumstance where acute and chronic stress is highly merged. Trivial research has been relatively reported notwithstanding of clinical proposition of a large dominance in the general populace and skyrocketing occurrence of its prognosis as well as its diagnosis in the clinical locale. This paper envisions providing an overview on the adjustment disorder especially in the method used, results and conclusions.

How to know adjustment disorder?

In connection to the psychological research, the researcher may use internet, print and broadcast media in gathering old and latest information. Clinical features and issues may also use as a source of information especially in the limelight of morbidity, diagnosis and offshoot of adjustment disorder. In the worldwide awareness of this disorder, a methodical review of essays published by different organizations has been developed to ensure that this dilemma is not just a simple problem but a worldwide pandemic. Focus group discussion among the different individuals is an authentic way to gather information. This anthropological tool benefits both the researcher and the interviewee in the confidentiality of information.

Insights for adjustment disorder

The dilemma of making the identity of adjustment disorder from other apprehension and anxiety disorders has traced its roots in the historical definition of DSM and ICD systems. The applied formation concept of “susceptibility” and the definition of stress are considered to make a common point of reference that the aforementioned terms are different and specifically created to avoid confusion. The cross-examination between the morbidity of adjustment disorder and the end result of this disorder are counter-analyzed. Varied data and highlights are identified especially in the booming of the latest medical application of antidepressant drugs, and sustainability of psychotherapies. Adjustment disorder is considered to be paralleled with other major stress and anxiety disorders. Among the major causes of this circumstance are social mobility, financial and economic instability and status hierarchy.

Overview of the disorder

Occupational therapists and clinical psychologists are the ones who are highly demand in treating patients with adjustment disorders. Though adjustment disorder is highly diagnosed in clinical and medical practice, the proper clinical entity is carefully chosen to fit the disorder. With a purely descriptive method, this may be caused in the complexities of labeling especially based on stressful event. This could lead to subjective interpretation of the case due to the lack of efficacy in the survey concerning the treatment. It is considerably advised that the usage of psychotropic drugs such as antidepressants for adjustment disorders with apprehensive and hesitant behavior must be avoided. Thus, psychotherapies are highly recommended for it sustains the moral and physical recovery of the patient. For the resistant forms of adjustment disorders, randomized-controlled trials, even of the combined use of medicines and psychotherapies are highly needed to ensure the correctness of clinical practice throughout the therapy course. Stress is inevitable and the best way to heal it is to control it. Balancing one’s emotion is very important in this rapid-changing world.


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