How to Understand Meaning of Colors in American Flag History

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The meaning of colors in American flag history is important for every citizen and prospective citizen to understand. Understanding what our country stands for and where the people came from helps us uphold the ideals and principles they created. If you have a few blank spots in your USA knowledge, this article can help. Here you will learn how to understand meaning of colors in the American Flag.

Learn about history and realize that the Meaning of colors in the American flag and the colors in the United States seal are directly related. These 2 symbols were adopted in 1777 when the congress passed a resolution to adopt a seal in 1776. Although the stars have changed in numbers, the emblem remains the same.

Understand that there is actually no historical meaning of colors in American flag history. The seal, however, that bears some of the same colors and stripes does hold meaning for the different shades.

Look at the red and white stripes. The white means innocence and purity, while the red stands for valor. The meaning of colors in the American flag can be taken from the meaning off the United states seal.

Look at the meaning of colors in American flag blue stars. The blue is for justice and perseverance.

No matter how old you are, it is never too late to learn more about your country. The American flag reflects the true intentions of our ancestors.


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