Congratulations, You Just Lost Your Job!

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You have just lost your job and you have hard times figuring out what to do next? Celebrate! Losing your dumb job might be the best thing that has ever happened to you !

If you knew your job sucked but you didn’t have the guts to leave. Maybe you were even a victim of emotional abuse at the workplace but you didn’t feel that bad about it. Or maybe your job didn’t suck that much to make you leave it, getting fired is actually a solution for you. You might have lost ten more years in that boring job but you are lucky that now you are free.

It is true that now is hardly the best time to do job hunting (the economy is down, if you haven’t heard) but sticking to a dead end job is certainly not a better alternative. In almost any country when you get fired you are entitled to some kind of unemployment benefits, so when you lose your job you are actually not without an income.

Now, when you don’t have to go to work everyday, you can use your time in a better way. For instance, you can take the time to update your skills. You might discover that thanks to your boring job you have forgotten many things and now when you start job hunting, you can’t apologize that you are years behind other pros just because of your dump job. Start a course, or revise your stuff, check for new developments in your areas of expertise – there are many ways in which you can use your job loss to boost your career.

In addition to updating your professional skills, you can also consider starting a home business, especially if you have a meal ticket – i.e. you (or your spouse) do have some income, or your unemployment benefits allow you to make the ends meet (but check if it isn’t illegal to be formally unemployed and try to run a business). For many people home business is a much better way to earn a living than working for some idiot, who can fire you without any serious reason.

You see, losing a job is not that bad! It opens so many opportunities for you and it is up to you to take advantage of them. Do it and become the master of your life!


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