How to Find Marlboro Cigarette Coupons

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Marlboro cigarette coupons may not lurk in family magazines or in the Sunday paper, but they do exist and they are easy to obtain. As long as you have the knowledge, and internet access, you can save money on every pack or carton of smokes you buy. This article will show you several easy ways to find Marlboro cigarette coupons to save you a lot of money.

Go to the main website directly to obtain Marlboro cigarette coupons. Visit There you must register to gain access. You can do this with or without a promotional code. If you want a promotional code, consider checking the before signing up.

Visit and click on the link entitled, “Sign-up Now”. Here you will receive offers and discounts for different brand names including Virginia Slims, Parliament, and Marlboro cigarette coupons.

Visit for not only terrific deals, but also many brand name discounts like Marlboro cigarette coupons.

Look at the list on the right hand side of the page going down. This is a list of brands below cost. If you click on “Premium brands”, it takes you to a list with Marlboro cigarette coupons once you scroll down to the brand.

Consider telling your friends about the website because you are eligible for a $1 off discount for referring others. If you know other smokers, surely they’d like to save money as well with Marlboro cigarette coupons.

Make sure your address hasn’t changed since you last signed up. If it has, call 1-866-Go-To-SSU to give your current information to receive coupons.


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