Audience And Evidence: Second Step in Earning Passive Income

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Assumingly, you have identified your skill. It is maybe into writing, photography, etc. The next thing we must do is how to market ourselves or literally sell ourselves not physically but again our talents. The information, I might write may sound familiar or cliché already for you. HOWEVER, think of it as a reminder, after all it would not take much of your time.

The easiest way to market our talent is to have an audience. If you are good in writing, how would you prove it to others (who might be your potential client)? As a student, our supporting documents that will tell how good we write are our grades, isn’t it? Or if we a join an essay writing and won an award, the latter will definitely tell the world that you are a good writer. So basically, have concrete evidence or proof. For budding writers who don’t have an exemplary rating back then; nor didn’t have a trophy or medal, we need to have a portfolio – a collection of our original works. Don’t be afraid to jot down your ideas on a particular topic. Be free. Be creative. But at same time, learn the basic structure. You may collate your essays on a particular topic and be an expert on it. Or you may become a prolific writer for any subject matter.

By the way, in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writing, most clients would require their freelancers to make a paragraph based on their predefined keyword, (keyword) density, meta tags and even number of words. So for example, if you find someone who needs someone to provide contents for his gardening website and you are greenthumb yourself or is interested in botany and plants, then you might find a part time job right there.  Try to negotiate with the client, if you feel that you are not compensated with the amount of effort you put in voice out. However, remember, you are building your credibility as a SEO writer, so as much as possible find an agreeable terms.

Have a copy of your paragraphs; this will be a good addition to your portfolio.

The same principle applies if you are a photographer, singer, programmer, etc. Have something tangible that will prove your craftsmanship. Have an audience that will testify how good you are. Create a portfolio.

You don’t have to spend much in advertising yourself, once your neighbor knew how skillful you are, it will just spread the news.


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