Get Ready For Summer

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Summer is Nearly Here!

Get ready for the summer.

Here are ten tips that will help you to prepare for the warm summer days and evenings.

1. Sort out your wardrobe, throwing out all those old, baggy swimwear items that have worn out.

2. Get ready to loose those extra pounds that you have put on during the winter by doing some extra walking or go to your favorite gym.

3. Throw out all your old sun lotions and get new ones. Once lotions are kept for over a year, they may not work anymore.

4. Re-decorate your home now before temperatures rise making the weather unbearably hot to do anything.

5. Check all the air conditioning units in your home before they are used. There is nothing worse than not being able to use it, especially if the heat starts to get more humid.

6. Get all those fans out of your storage cupboard and again check if they are working.

7. Get the garden looking perfect with a trim up and add those extra plants that you have been wanting to do for ages. You want it looking pretty before you start having all those summer barbecue parties.

8. If you have a private swimming pool, then check everything is working perfectly and make sure, it is cleaned regularly, ready for those hot summer days.

9. If there is any refurbishing to do in your home, then get it done before the weather becomes too hot.

10. If you have any old garden furniture, such as, chairs or tables that are broken or do not look decent or safe, then replace them with new ones if you can or just throw them out.


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