Network Marketing – Not Just Sales! Part 1

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Yes, you must sell product or get people on your service. However, this should not be done with a sales mindset. What do you think about the person that sold you your car, house, or life insurance?

Maybe you had a great experience or an awful one. Either way, if you remember this person’s name, you remember that you didn’t really have interest in what they were doing. And that is not duplicable.

Have you heard this before? Sell, Sell, Sell! Recruit, Recruit, Recruit! That’s where the fast money is. Are you in your business short-term or long term? If you have to sell your family on your product, what happens when they don’t see results right away? Will they drop your service because something went wrong, so it must not work?

If you sell your family and friends on getting into the business, what is going to happen next month? Will it then be your job to sell them on working their business?

No. That is not what Network Marketing is about, if you are in it long-term. You have to do more than sell and recruit. This business is set up so that you don’t have to do all of the talking. Your tools should do the explaining for you. All you have to do is let your prospects sell themselves. People like to think that buying was their idea, not yours.

So it is definitely not your job to sell. Your job is to point and sponsor. Point to your marketing materials and sponsor and train your people.

Have You Taken The Time To Learn What Network Marketing Is About?

Well, I want to share with you the two major things Network Marketing involves.

1. Network Marketing Is A “Relationship” Business.

You absolutely must build relationships in this kind of business. People don’t care about your company or the “best opportunity out there”. They simply care about how you can help them solve their problems.

People join people not companies. People simply could care less if your company is debt-free or has the most lucrative compensation plan. They don’t even care if you know the company’s history. There’s a saying that goes: people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

People looking at your business want to know if you can help them and if they can trust you. Will you be able to assist them towards their goal? You must have a servant’s heart.

If you have good customer service and a great relationship, they won’t cancel because the company took too long to do this or someone didn’t call them back right away. They will stay on because they trust that what you promoted to them would overall benefit them like you said it would.

For example, even though McDonalds’ doesn’t have the best food, they are pretty successful, right? McDonalds’ knows that just because a worker messes up an order that they won’t lose a customer. Why? Because, that customer has been coming to McDonalds’ since they were a kid. Now that customer brings their children there. This type of relationship develops over time and the same goes for your business.

Imagine…you own your own franchise and your people won’t quit because you didn’t have to sell them. They sold themselves and trust in your system. They are in long-term because you took the time to build a relationship and let the system train them.

2. Network Marketing Is NOT Just “A Numbers Game.”


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