How to Get Self Employed-1

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Yes, you might be amazed that we do need innovative and overlooked ideas for employment. They are the need of the hour in today’s competitive and material world. The growing level in down sizing of work force due to slowdown world economy has created a deep chasm of unemployment.

In and around us, umpteen activities are taking place every moment. Some we are aware while others go unnoticed, irrespective of the fact that they are such inseparable and important daily chores. Believe me I’ll give you such feasible and active ideas out of our daily lives that you’ll be amazed.

From tomorrow onwards you will get such beautiful, lucid and doable ideas for starting a business on your own. Most of the time starting an enterprise seems to be a Herculean task. But believe me, after you start following my ideas, you’ll change your perspective.


1) There is high level of unemployment in the lower rung society, thus it will be easy for you to garner people for this job.

2) Register your company with Registrar of Company.

3) Get the profile of each person applying to your agency and submit them to the nearest police station.

4) Market your company through word of mouth and distributing pamphlets in your area.

5) It’s a business which has good turnover.


1) Lot of people are facing time crunch in today’s fast moving world thus, are unable to cook for themselves. You can start by catering to the needs of your bachelor neighbours.

2) Your own kitchen provides a good work station for all the preparations and cooking to be done for the purpose.

3) A domestic help is required who can help you in vegetables cleaning and cutting, cereals cleaning and wheat flour kneading. Later, she/he can help you with packing and door step deliveries. In the free time you can take the maid for daily vegetable and grocery shopping.

4) Profit margin is quite high in this business if done professionally.

5) Since it is on a small domestic scale, there is no requirement for registering your business with ROC or getting a food license. Once you expand your business, please do take care of these legalities.

Keep getting such business idea hence, keep reading.


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