Tips to quit smoking

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 Smoking does not help you; life is short don’t  make it shorter. Quit smoking and have a healthy life. Have a smoke free life, a life free from bad breath, bad smell, holes on your shirt and pants.

 Heart disease

Smoking leads to thickening of pulmonary veins can cause hearth attacks, and other pulmonary disorders. So stop smoking to avoid chronic cough and asthma.


Smoking by pregnant women leads in reduction of intake of food and oxygen which leads to reduction of baby’s health. And if it leads to cough and pulmonary disorders the Pregnancy women can’t be given medicines and it will lead to complicacy. 

Cancer and TB

Smoking can lead to cancer and TB, so why smoking?

 Why make smoking a habit?

Initially smoking gives a feeling of elevation; you start imitation your favorite hero’s way of smoking. But slowly you fall in its trap. To give company to friends or customers you start smoking and slowly one cigarette increase to one pack per days and it may lead to three or four pack of cigarettes. With time you are wasting your valuable money in smoking as well as inviting trouble, bad debt, bad healthy conditions and put your self as well as your near and dear ones in to trouble.

 Smoking habit will only lead to yellow teeth, bad breath, you loose the taste bud sensation, which will lead to lose in appetite. Your general health gets destroyed, you keep on coughing and due to bad breath you may be distancing you self from your wife. Smoking only leads to trail of destruction, and nothing else. So why smoking?

 How to quit smoking

Some people thing that they will reduce smoking slowly by reducing smoking everyday. But it does not happen so. You can’t quit by this method, if you want to quit smoking make mental preparation and from that movement promise your self that you will never smoke again.

 You need to have strong mental strength, because from the third day of quitting smoking you will have with drawl symptoms, you body will start feeling the need of nicotine. And if you keep your commitment and do not touch even one cigarette. Then you have won half of the battle. Most important is when your friends insist and force you to have one and you could manage to come out without touching even one then you have won the war against smoking. 

 Therefore the most important aspect of quitting smoking is you have to commit to your self, no one can make you to quit smoking. Smoking only leads to passive smoking; your near and dear one will fall to the victim of passive smoking. Smoking only leads to a trail of destruction and misery.


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