Tips For Securing Your Computer From Virus Attacks

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Development of virus-even these days is very fast and seemed to challenge the anti-virus makers to continue to update anti-virus buatanya.

Until recently I also do not understand what the purpose and benefits of a person to make a virus, from my personal opinion there arises a thought that makes anti-virus is none other than the maker of the anti virus itself. Why I can think of that? Since I melogika with common ratio of I to the law of cause and effect, anti-virus may not be useful without the virus, it may bias problem is resolved in the absence of a solution to overcome these problems.

OK is we forget the old notion – my guess about viruses and anti virus, according to the above title I will explain some tips for securing your computer from virus attacks so you better be careful that your computer or laptop is not easily attacked by the virus. Here are his tips:

A. Do not just to install software
Beware you in installing the software that you get from pirated CDs, friends, or the Internet. Usually I have seen some software that we download on the internet that many are already infected with the virus, so I suggest for you to be careful in installing pirated software, if the original software is most likely clean of viruses, although tidah guarantee 100% anyway, but at least if the name paid software is guaranteed security.

2. Be careful on email attachments or links in email
Eemail coming from addresses you do not know you should also be aware of the virus are usually sent on attachment and format. Exe,. Pif,. Bat, etc. My personal experience menurus attachment format. Exe,. Pif,. Bat, it is a virus that deliberately in order to easily insert in its distribution by simply sending mail.

3. Routine Anti Virus Update
Make sure you install anti-virus which are updated regularly, with our constantly updating the antivirus on the computer or laptop at least we have the latest security protection for the development of viruses that are updated on.

4. Keep an eye on people who use our computer
Although the use of our own was a close friend at the very least we should still try to give more protection to the computer or laptop we usually catch the virus from flash disk of our friends who had been infected with the virus memudian in the open in our computer.

5. Alert at the time of Online
Viruses are often infected by the time we always run the online anti-virus, anti spyware and firewall checks online when we are usually more often than we would be approved the questions arise whether to install the software from sites that are not clear.

Thus Tips from me to secure your computer from virus attacks you can do to keep your laptop computer or stay healthy and optimal.


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