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So here we go again, another summer looms, and another super diet appears.

The Hormone Diet: Safe? Works? Fad? What follows is the full facts, read on and make up your own mind.

AestheticMD clinic in Scottsdale is offering patients a quick way to lose a lot of weight, in the form of a hormone diet.
The 40-day plan is doctor supervised and has shown great success during the year it’s been administered in the Valley.
After 28 days on the hormone diet, Ralph Leonard has lost 26 pounds and said he feels better than he has in a long time.
Leonard said, “I do have more energy. I get a lot more done.”
The 500-calorie-a-day diet includes weekly doctor’s visits and weekly B12 shots to keep energy up.
The main exercise is 10 minutes, at least three times a week, on a vibration machine.
It’s not an aerobic exercise, but Dr. Harolyn Gilles said it’s the equivalent of 90 to 100 minutes of weight training.
Gilles said, “We’re finding that people who lose the weight and use the machine have tighter skin, tighter muscles, and also have the benefit of increased circulation.”
The key to this diet, though, may be the hormone: a daily application of DHEA.
Gilles said, “DHEA, we know, is an adrenal hormone causing your own body to produce more adrenaline and keeps your metabolism high during the entire weight loss process.”
Keeping the metabolism elevated means there won’t be rapid weight gain after the quick weight loss.
Betty Leseau said, “I have not felt this good in probably 15 years.”
Leseau lost 24 pounds in 40 days on the hormone diet and then lost another pound in the four weeks she’s been off the plan.
Leseau said, “That kind of worried me; ‘What’s going to happen if I do this and have the filet mignon steak?’ And I still dropped a pound.”
Leonard said he wants to lose more weight and the quick results are keeping him motivated.
He said, “The way I feel and the way my clothes fit make me feel good about losing the weight.”
The 40-day hormone diet costs $1,500, which includes the hormone cream, all doctor’s visits and lab work, and use of the vibration machine.

SO, there you have it, just in time for summer !!



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