How to Avoid Business Online Scams

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The topic is quite interesting that discusses the problem of online fraud that has become common knowledge. Yes, it is the case of online fraud that occurred in recent years has become common knowledge that where fraud is often the seller / seller of the city of Batam. Without intent disfigure the city and all citizens batam batam I do have to admit that online fraud is often the case with the transaction with the seller / seller from batam city.

Not because of all the citizens batam “criminal minded” but rather that batam is where important / strategic exit and entry of imported goods which may rarely be found in the free market of Indonesia. It is in perparah with disability law in Indonesia where there are no laws governing electronic transactions. A savvy fraudsters take advantage of the flawed legal in this country with the statement that I think could be deterring buyers the statement “IF I DEMAND MY CHEATING” or “I’M YOUR RETURN FUND 100%”

Business of selling online is something that can be very profitable and has a very high economic value. Try to imagine how the reputation of an online sales website that has been known to benefit in a day? It’s fantastic numbers if you want to try to understand. We demonstrated my website such as amazon, ebay, dealextreme, dhgate, and
In one day they can turnover hundreds of millions or perhaps billions, it’s fantastic is not it?

But that’s not what we discuss today, which we will discuss is how to avoid online fraud by identifying its characteristics. Most common fraud cases are on sale through the networking site Facebook, the many cases of fraud occur in kaskus forum. Why choose this medium con men? because this medium is anonymous, anyone can write and inform something freely there. The characteristics of the most common / widely found in this type of fraud is:

    Prices of goods are very much with the market price. For example, an item of value to 1.5 JT 3JT.
Testimonial excessive buyers, but only monotonous on products sold by the seller / seller. For example, goods wah nice bang, good gosh!, I have received the goods, nice!, Wow magic stuff!, And so forth.
Sellers do not ever want to deal directly with the buyer (we are familiar with the terms of COD, COD means cash on delivery itself, which means we pay when the goods arrive at the destination / we have received).
Sellers who want to cheat usually cheat by giving the store address and other information (to convince the buyers as they are a great merchant). But remember if you have friends in the same city try to ask your contacts to check the address before the transaction

Here are general tips on how to avoid online fraud.

    If you try to trade the DJ using the services of a joint account, but it also does not guarantee 100% your money will be safe could have been (and is often) it involved a joint account of fraud services and it is not likely he will work with the seller / seller is problematic. but the thing to remember I mentioned NOT EVERYTHING. For global purchasing should use PayPal because they guarantee the satisfaction of the buyer, if you are not satisfied you can request your money back, and PayPal will help you as much as possible.
Avoid items that have a benchmark price is too far from the market. Normal human nature in general want to get good products with affordable pricing. This is exploited by some unscrupulous, lure normal human desire to get into a trap. We should be cautious not all the items that are cheap but definitely a fraud on the general answer is YES.
Try to deal with the people in your town! It’s nothing if something happens you can still catch these people because the location is not too far away. But this could not guarantee the seller is a fictitious address.
If you buy just do not judge all of the testimonial / review. It is a product if you have a testimonial or a review will be more attractive to buy, but remember, this is a virtual world! where one person can be a lot of people … could be the seller who write their own testimonials or product reviews on it!
Purchase in person can be trusted. I demonstrated here amazon, ebay, dhgate, dealextreme, and so forth. You should also assess TERMS jelly contained in a site about how the security they provide, whether they will give refunds in the event of fraud, whether they are fully responsible for all of their site contains on and so forth.
If the product you are easily found in stores offline best direct Shop in the store offline.
Do not be seduced by promises and statements seller, even if the seller is out of his own mouth. Suppose you call the seller and he gave a guarantee like “please prosecute me if I cheat”. Act to prosecute online fraud currently exist so you must be smart! not to mention if the address given fictitious dizzy then you will make.
Do not ever want to buy something to give DP (cash advance) it was clear this would be detrimental to your position and you will regret it for life.
If you want to try you should buy the goods at the cheapest price, if shipped it is not directly the seller is an honest person but if you continually repeat the seller’s intention is good then your goods will continue to be sent without any problems. But remember today there are many tricks and ways fraudsters lure buyers should also be observant so you judge a person’s behavior.

So first, I hope you can learn to keep themselves safe on the Internet. GoBlog Greetings!


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