How to Write a Great Resume

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A great resume is one of the most important tools that a job seeker has that he or she can leverage to get a dream job. Having a well written and a professional looking resume not only helps you’re your skills and experience, a well written resume helps you package your profile in a way that makes it appealing for employers, portrays you as the perfect candidate for the job and helps increase your chances of landing your dream job.

When would you call a resume great? And how do you write a great resume? Well it’s as simple as this; a great resume is well structured and focuses on the key skills, experience, education and the person’s potential. A great resume has the capability of transforming a simple non- descript resume into a winning resume that stands out among thousands of other resumes.

Writing a great resume is not very difficult; however at the same time writing a great resume is an art, a skill that people need to learn.  Resume writing requires expertise and practice that would come with time. Resume writing also requires a bit of creativity as it requires that you should be able to package facts in such a way that they stand out. When drafting a resume, there are no set formulae or patterns that you need to stick to, however there are a few resume writing guidelines that will help you format your resume in a way that makes it appealing and gives it a professional touch. Let’s look at these guidelines that you can follow for writing a great resume.

1.      Visual Appeal: – when drafting your resume, one should keep in mind that the resume has visual appeal and is aesthetically drafted.  You should follow a format that structures your resume into various sections, each section dedicated to one aspect of your profile. The best way of doing this is to start with a header followed by sections dedicated to contact information, resume objective, work experience, education and finally reference. Adding a logo or a small image ate the top will enhance the looks of your resume making it unique.

2.      Formatting: – Ensure that your resume uses a common format when it comes to font size, font , and font color. You can also ensure uniformity in your resume by using bullet pints, italics, bold font etc. However you should ensure consistency ion all sections of the resume.

3.      Accuracy:- It is very important that your resume is accurate and updated. Your resume is supposed to reflect your personality. Always ensure that your resume contains accurate and updated information, figures quoted, dates etc need to be factual and should be substantiated.

4.      Be descriptive:– When writing your resume, always ensure that your resume is descriptive, describe your roles and responsibility in detail. Give references to where you have contributed or benefited the company, organizational details etc. However ensure that you avoid lengthy descriptions.

5.      Power words and keywords: – Power words and keywords help you to grab the reader’s attention to your resume.

6.      Jargon:– Avoid using jargon, abbreviations and terms that others may find hard to understand.     

8.      Error free:– You resume should be error free, there should be no grammatical errors like language errors, syntax errors, punctuation errors and most importantly spelling errors, errors in facts and numbers. Always proof read your resume a couple of times before you can finalize on it.

The main purpose of a great resume is to ensure that you create a favorable impression on recruiters, hiring managers and employers. A well written resume must be able to show the reader the advantages of having you work for the organization. You should always remember that your resume must have a focal point and you should not diverge from that when writing your resume.

Following these simple tips given above will help you design a resume that is both appealing and has a professional look to it. These resume writing tips will help you write a perfect resume that will help create a great first impression on readers.


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