An Important Role of Questions in a Sales Communication

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Questions are the best friends of a sales manager. There is a widely spread bias that sales managers are the “talking robots” able to transmit verbal information at a several megabytes per second connection rate. In reality, sales communication is nothing different from regular everyday communication. We all know, that the most important part of interpersonal communication is Listening. But how to make your client talk so you could be a listener during your next cold calling session or a meeting? Easy – ask questions.

Sales questions will help you get the most from your communication with a client, because of the following reasons:

– Getting information: If you ask the right question – you get the right answer (this helps in collecting information from your client that you can use to qualify him, and find the best solution from your proposal)

– Showing your care: sometimes sales managers forget about their very important role of a psychologist. Very often clients who are thinking about buying your product have doubts about lots of different things, and they need someone to support their decision, to prove themselves that their decision is correct. They want someone to care about them during this process. So, ask questions that show your care about yourclient’s needs.

– Making clients think they have your products already: asking questions you can make your clients think they already poses the thing they are only planning to buy, and experience the emotions connected with owning and using the product. Ask some question that would lead your client to such thoughts and make them feel comfortable with them.

Being a good listener is the best way to win trust. If you are listening, means you are attentive to yourclient’s needs. Doing this you show that your primary interest is the client’s satisfaction and it is hard to imagine a better way to show respect. Even in telemarketing – listening is very important.

Using this strategy, do not ask questions that might provoke some negative thoughts in your client’s mind. Also, prevent asking Yes or No questions, because for a client it is always easier to say “no”. Why? Cause saying yes – he might think that he is already saying “yes” to your proposal about buying the product, and that would already mean some obligations for him. Try to avoid asking questions just for the sake to do so. Imagine if you had to answer questions which are obvious, wouldn’t that seem strange? Another important thing to prevent in this strategy – is asking personal questions, unless there is an obvious need for that.

Following the rule: “more questions = more sales” would make your communication more effective and enjoyable for both you and your clients! During the sales process – the seller should be a consultant, a friend, a psychologist and a little entertainer.


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