Six Reasons to Avoid Feeling Angry And Upset

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Anger, although on the one hand considered good for health because it reduces the negative

effects of stress, on the other hand can also be harmful to health. The anger is a natural in

every human emotion. It’s good to vent emotions, but there are also good when we try to control

it first.

Alima psychologist Phillip explains some of the harmful effects of anger are not controlled. Not

only affect kejiwaaan, anger can also endanger your health.

A. Direct effects to the body
When it lost control, it is our body which receives its direct impact. Instantaneous increase in

blood pressure and breathing rhythm became faster, as fast as the middle of preparing for a

fight. In some cases, high blood pressure can cause sudden headache. In the long run, may

increase the risk of heart attack. When angry, our body temperature goes up so your body perspire


2. Tired
Expression of anger would require energy. As a result, after the anger we will feel tired. In the

process, it will increase stress hormones seemed to make sense of turmoil. When angry, we may

feel in control while, but without realizing it just drained our energy. As a result,

productivity in work was reduced due to fatigue.

3. Difficulty sleeping
With so many negative thoughts in the head and the anxiety we feel, it is difficult to falling

asleep. When we fall asleep in a state of fatigue caused by angry else, certainly not going to

sleep quality. When we sleep with anger, would not be sleeping soundly. The lack of sleep will

lead to negative thoughts that will trigger emotions. Furthermore, insomnia and other sleep

problems will be coming along with your ongoing emotional feelings.

4. Depression
Constantly keep a sense of anger can lead to depression. That will trigger a series of behaviors

that harm health such as smoking and drinking. Sometimes, people use anger to vent feelings of

depression and helplessness. Anger is not a natural feeling healthy. Thus, if the continue to be

felt, our health would be threatened.

5. Isolated
We are sometimes able to lose control, but if too serimg will certainly have an impact on the

social aspects of our everyday life. We would be more comfortable being alone rather than

interact with others. In an office environment, if they do not socialize, our subordinates and

superiors will respect the less we will see us as people who can not control your emotions.

6. Made the wrong decision
Anger can make us irrational. We were stuck and lose focus in the face of a problem. In fact,

when he should have decided the best thing in the issue, in anger we will probably do the

opposite. We were not able to see problems from different perspectives and lead to wrong




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