5 Tips on Taking Care of The Face of Beauty Experts

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Not all women are endowed with a smooth face without blemishes. Most women just have problems against her skin, ranging from dry, dull, breakouts, black flecks and other problems.

Caring for the face is the best way to eliminate and prevent the problems that can occur on the skin of the face. The beauty expert lays out how to care for face, as reported by the Women’s Health Mag

1. Face Cleanser

According to Daniel b. Yarosh, Ph.d., author of The New Science of Perfect Skin, for face membersikan You don’t have to buy expensive cosmetics. Start with a clean face cleaning milk (cleansing) and the toner. After that, wash your face with SOAP special facial cleanser and rinse with water. These steps are useful to keep clean the face from dust and grease.

2. Lip Moisturizer

Research conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery found, only about 47% of respondents who use a moisturizer your lips in their everyday life. When the skin on the lips is thin and sensitive skin, so it needs extra protection. To that end, do not forget to apply a lip balm that contains UV protection (SPF) in order for the skin of your lips is not dry, protected from sunlight and stay healthy.

How To Care For Face Lime

The fruit of this one better known as busting smell fishy, or mix food Enhancer. But the truth is the lime juice is also a lot of benefits for beauty and health. The water that comes from the flesh of this fruit is known to make the pores shrink and eliminate excess fat on the kind of oily skin.



To  the pores of the skin. Take meat lime, apply on the skin of the face. Usually around the nose and cheek pores porinya looks great. To whiten and smoothes the skin. Sweep strips of lime on the face and other body parts of the skin.


How to care for the face with avocado

Allegedly avocado multitudes of nianfaatnya especially for beauty. With science, it is evident that avocados are rich in vitamins, minerals and natural oils. Avocados contain lots of vitamins A, C, and E, iron, potassium, niacin, pantotenik acid, and protein that is not usually found in fruit. All of these substances is useful for their beauty and healthy skin.



As a moisturizer. Take part in the skin of the avocado, containing humektan, and able to withstand the moisture of the skin. Rub it gently into the surrounding face and leave for 15 minutes. After that wash face using cold water. Did the night before you sleep due to night time is the right time for the skin to work. Face awake  make makeup last long afterwards.


The use of masks .

The use of masks is one effort to beautify yourself with care using several types of plants such as vegetables. Masks can be stressful and paves the skin. The use of plant products included in the mask. The skin was a teenager may use masks from vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, potato, jícama, carrots.


Jícama Masks

Can whiten and eliminate the black mark and pigmentation in the skin.

Potato Mask

Can be softened and whiten the skin.


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