Tips On Taking Care Of Hamsters Is True

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Tips On Taking Care Of Hamsters Is True

This time I’d like to share about how to care for a pet hamster pet us properly. The animals are cute and adorable certainly much favored people. To keep the hamster in order to stay healthy, cute and energetic there are a few tricks that you should know about. So it is not the origin observe without treatment.

You must first select the hamster cages are great. In order to be able to move freely over hamster freely. The crate can be of rectangular box tank, and can the existing petshonya.

The latter provide fine sand/wood powder without any chemical substances. This is used for the base in a cage hamsternya later. In addition to the base, its function is also to absorb pee in order not pooled. Moreover, it also as a base for example he doesn’t sleep when sleep at home-rumahannya. Do not forget to replace with sand/wood powder periodically. Could be once a week, so that the cage doesn’t smell. The thickness can be from 2 cm to 4 cm.


The best food for hamster food-food import is made in the factory. However you should also remain alert


and again more carefully in choosing where imported food is good. Some imported food containing dyes too much, too many sunflower seeds or other ingredients that could hurt the hamster itself. Some types of fruits and nuts can be given once a week in a limited amount of (very few!)

Some foods that can be given as a snack to the hamster: (caution: this meal is only given as a snack instead of a main dish because it could lead to an imbalance of nutrients, damage to the urinary system, diarrhea, and abnormalities in the process of pregnancy due to obesity)

Apples, pears, bananas, Carrot sweet corn (delivery in large quantities can cause fur loss) Potato (should be boiled first) peanuts, Nuts, cashews, almonds, soy beans, fresh Bread, biscuits Crackers, Oatmeal, Corn Flakes

The food must not be given to the hamster:

Lettuce, Cress and all other green vegetables (spinach, Cai sim, kai lan, etc.), Cucumber

Food should not be given entirely to the hamster:

Orange citrus and all the Nations that have been given CokelatMakanan seasoning

The Fourth.

The Drinks from the Hamster itself. Hamsters get water from the vegetables – vegetables. Kalo gak too often, for example you are a vegetable drink bottle ngasi sediakanlah reserved hamsters sold in the petshop. Oh yes do not forget. Drink that water in the hamster Cook kasi tap water that still exists kuman-kumannya. Also the cleanliness of the Bottle should senangtiasa clean. Please also provide human milk is just milk kasi hamster. Oh yeah the bottle not to leak. Later another flood kandangannya.

The Fifth.

Notice the mistakes beginners hamster breeder.

Hamster in the Sun under the rays of the Sun. Hamsters are nocturnal animals. They are the animals of the night. In the wild they sleep during the day in a orifice they could reach a depth of 10-20 meters below the ground level and a new come out at night to feed. So they’re not too need sunlight. Just a little is enough … No need to ‘ the Sun ‘.

Hamsters are washed with water. Hamsters are prone to water and humidity. Hamsters originate from dry desert areas. If Your hamster is being healthy and primed in condition may get wet is not a problem, but if the conditions were declining exposed to water can mean death for them. Hamster wet should be immediately drained or those stricken with the flu, and then progressed to pneumonia and ends at death. So don’t take the risk to actions that do not need it.

Separate the parent hamster from well as babies. It sounds stupid but trust me indeed many people accidentally do this because their fears on gossip circulating about ‘ hamster ‘ child-eaters. Mother hamster healthy and quite familiar with humans would not take his son for no apparent reason! So do not separate mother and well as babies because babies will die soon because of the cold water and not get milk.

Hamster fall from height. If Your hamster is new, try to hold the hamster in a sitting position so if Your hamster fall will not be too high. This error is most often done people. New Hamster comes usually still feel foreign to you and with its environment and tend to jump suddenly. So you have to anticipate these things used to be.


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