a Few Games For The Growth of Your Baby's Brain

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Have a new Member in the family it will give you an atmosphere of other than before, let alone a new Member was a little new-born babies. As a papa or mama when you’ve been thinking about what I could give or what can I do for that little one is already good.

The basic needs of the grassroots

The first thing to keep in mind, that the growth of the brain of infants is not obtainable just from studying or playing, but rather the quality of sleep. Yes, that’s right. At the moment the baby brain growth tidurlah reached its peak. This is a list of hours of sleep in a 24 hour period, while learning how to get papa gives something for the little one, i.e.

a) Age 0-3 months: 16-20 hours

b) ages 3-12 months: 14-15 hours

c) Age 1-3 years: 12-14 hours

Menumbuh develop baby’s brain

Sleep and granting regular ASI will give your child’s brain growth is good. Many older people in the big cities the less pay attention to this. When you have read this and remember there is a friend or a relative who has a little baby convey the object it is, because of the immense influence for their child’s kecerdasaan.

Now that is how the ‘ fill ‘ brains while they’re up on our bed. There are 5 simple game can be done:

1. call her name from the left side and right side gently. A wide range of responses that you can, there’s a glance at anyone trying to turn around, there’s a sweet smile. This game is useful for power train and heard they were menstimulus their brains.

2. sing with a soft voice. Don’t have embarrassment when you can’t sing with good or your voice is jarring, for a baby’s voice is heard in the musical one touch of emotion, a touch of compassion that he got from papa and mama.

3. Embrace, took her on a path and stroking. In the sling you a baby will feel a sense of security and with his emotions will caress soft needs are affection you give at the moment.

4. Ci luk ba or a game of hide the face and are putting out your face with your hands. This game will give you a sense for your baby, if he could not see a thing when it is covered with something. In addition to closing the face with hands, try it with a handkerchief and let the little ones open it.

5. tongue Games. “Where her tongue” keep julurkan your tongue, then the little one will follow you. This game is menstimulus power capture the si response, vision and small.

To search for other ideas, be a baby. Papa gets it, at first I was laughing inside. “It’s been great (adult) kok gini ordered so babies again”. It turns out, some time after work, I was sleeping in a wooden box, my baby there then I can ‘ see ‘ from the point of view of my child. And from there also arises the new ideas of developing the game for him.

You can smile when see the growth of your baby, it is something beautiful that can not be replaced with money or anything else in this world.

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