The Importance of Character Education at an Early Age

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The character of a nation is an important aspect that influences on the socio-economic development. A high quality character of society is certainly going to grow a strong desire to improve the quality of the nation. Character development is best if started from an early age. A phrase that is widely believed to have stated “if we fail to become the nice people at an early age, in adulthood we will become troubled people or bad people”.

Thomas Lickona said “a child is just a container in which a responsible adult can be created”. Therefore, preparing the children is an investment strategy that is very appropriate.

A famous phrase expressing “children amounted to only about 25% of the total population, but determine 100% of the future”.

It’s been proven that the most effective period to form the character of the child is before the age of 10 years. Expected establishment of character during this period will have an impact that will last long against the formation of morals.

Sustainable effects (multilier effect) from the formation of the positive character of the child would be visible, as illustrated by Jan Wallander, “Social Skills and emotions at the time the children will reduce risk behaviors, such as alcohol consumption is one of the main causes of health problems of all time; emotions and social development in children can also enhance human health during his life, e.g. reaction to stress (stress), which will have a direct impact on the disease process; emotion and social skills that are high on adults who have a disease can help improve his physical development. ”

It is only natural if we expect families as protagonists in educating elementary – basic morals in the child. However, many children, especially children living in poor areas, have not gained the moral education of their parents.

Low socio-economic conditions related to various issues, such as poverty, unemployment, low levels of education, the life of bersosial is low, usually associated with high levels of stress and further affect the pattern asuhnya.

A research shows that children who live in poor areas to 11 times higher in accepting negative behavior (such as physical and mental violence, and to be) than children from higher income families.

Many of the results of the study showed that children who had received pre-school education have higher skills than children who do not go to kindergarten, especially in academic ability, creativity, initiative, motivation, and social skills. Children who cannot afford entry into KINDERGARTEN will generally enroll in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in the very young age of 5 years. This will harm, because they are not ready mentally and psychologically, so that it can make them feel incapable, low self-esteem, and can kill a love for them to learn.

This a program of handling this issue needed to prepare kids with a variety of experiences is important in preschool education. It is very important to move people in poor areas to start putting his son to preschool and develop environmentally friendly with others to jointly conduct KINDERGARTEN educational character.

Dorothy Law Nolte has stated that children learn from the lives of their surroundings. Details are:

If the child is raised with a reproach, he learned the cussing

If the child is raised with hostility, he learns to fight

If the child is raised with a scorn, he learned inferiority

If the child is raised with contempt, he learned the menyeasali yourself

If the child is raised with tolerance, he learns to refrain

If the child is raised with praise, he learns to appreciate

If the child is raised with a Lord of the treatment, he learns justice

If the child is raised with a sense of security, he learned to put trust

If the child is raised with a support, he studied are enjoying themselves

If the child is raised with affection and friendship, he learns to find love in a life

Today on July 23 is celebrated as National Children’s day (HAN). The concerns of the importance of character education to further awareness of the Government of Indonesia launched the National Movement of Children on Indonesia Dear children’s day National Memorial (HAN).

I, along with 25 other friend list can be seen here, together in support of the national movement of Children on Indonesia Dear children’s day National Memorial (HAN). held the post of collaboration.


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