Debates & Controversies

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I am not interested in creating topics based on debates and controversies. This kind of topics seems to be heavy and hard to make decision if the argument is going on and on. I am interested in creating short and sweet articles which is useful to others as well as guiding them in a good manner.

There is nothing wrong in creating debates, but some persons are not interested in it, as most of us come to online to get relaxation and refreshment and to forget about the day today worries, tensions and depressions, if the online activities also gives more tension to us, then it is hard to get relaxation.

Some people focus their concentration with rant and create topics about the things which are annoying and irritating them. It is the best way to show our opposition, we must give our real experience and opinion with this kind of topics, some people may add some extra information to show their anger, this kind of activity is not good. Online is a powerful medium and lot of people may read our articles, we must tell the real and good things to them and avoid the fake things.

We can get popularity in online sites with our writing skills, some people will get the popularity with this kind of debates and controversies and interested in creating more and more to make a huge impact among the readers. There is nothing wrong if it creates and gives an positive impact, but some times this kind of work may create a negative impact among the people.

Always i keep distance from the debates and controversial topics. As i am not interested in online arguments and wish to remain calm and kind to every one. This kind of controversial topics have the ability to spoil our peace of mind, so i never involved with such kind of activities and enjoying simple and ordinary topics and share my opinions in a simple way to get online fun.

What about you? Are you interested in creating this kind of Debates & controversial topics? Do you think it will impress a lot of persons to place their comments with this kind of topics?


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