Everyone Dies…but it Does Not Have to be The End (a Way to Look at Death And Passed Loved Ones Relationships)

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Death is inevitable, you never know when it’s going to happen, who it’s going to happen to, or what it will be like when it happens; will it be painless, lingering agony, quick, slow. Well the truth is, no one really knows the answer to that question until after the deed is done and that person, who you love is gone.

I’m going to tell you all a story. It’s a story about my 79, now would be 80 year old grandfather who was hit and killed last year and no one could forsee it, or stop it, it just happened and there was nothing we could do about it:

In April 2011, my family and i were hit with news that forever changed our lives. My grandfather was hit by a car and killed that month. It was just an out of the blue thing that no one could’ve stopped or forseen. He was just going to get food for dinner for him and my grandmother and boom, that was the end of his life. My family and I especially miss him a great deal. I was really close to him and i am still close to my grandmother to this day so i feel miserable waking up each day and knowing that my grandpas not here with me anymore. He was the best man ever! He’d always call me Hollywood and tell me i should go on American Idol (which i might in his memory). He was a jokster and he’d ask me to go to the beach even though he hated the water and it was below zero outside. He was just the rock of our family, the foundation, and his passing, it was just unbearable news, a shock to us all, even today it’s still hard to hear and believe. The case is still not solved but i hope and pray each night that my grandfather will get justice and rest in peace and that we will all see him again someday.

So that being said, and another story where i almost lost both my dad and mom weeks apart when i was 7, death has made me grow as a person and cherish each day i have here on earth. I look at things now more with an open mind and i do my best to be all i can be and not break down. To stay strong through it all and be here for my family.

Death is not the end but only a new beginning, a rebirth, a new you.

When a loved one passes, everythings quiet and lonely for a little while. You forget about all the materialistic things in the world and you stop to pause and you realize something. You realize that for one split second how much you really care about the people you love and you wonder. You wonder “what will i do if these people were to instantly be gone tomorrow”, just like that, gone, and i had no chance to say goodbye; what if the last thing i said to that person was “i hate you” or “i hope you die” i didn’t mean it but they make me so mad sometimes i just loose it and say hurtful things such as those. Like i said in the beginning death is inevitable and unknowing, when it happens it happens but, what happens to those relationships after death? Do they just, fade away into a place that is never revisted again? Or do they just simply get tucked away with all the old memories and pictures in a shoe box under the bed? To some, yes, but to most, absolutely not. You see, after death, a new life is started and new memories are begging to be made. Just because someone dies does not mean that your love for them goes away just because you can’t phsyically see or touch them anymore. You can talk to them anytime you like, visit them, tell them how much you love them and hope to see them someday, send them a balloon on their birthday (wherever they may be) heck, they’re probably having a grand time wherever they are and laughing at you because you’re missing out here on this not so grateful place called earth. What i am trying to say is, no life comes to an end, an ended life is constantly being reborn by the minute. That life ended for a reason, the reason is, so they could venture off into their new one and give someone else a shot. Those deaths may not always be fair but, they happen for a reason and a good one at that.

Never give up hope on the dead.. they’re watching you.

The dead doesn’t always realize they’re dead, depending on their situation but they can see you and they will watch out for you no matter what you believe in or who you’ve lost, i believe they find a way to communicate with you whether it’s through a medium, a cell phone app, or just your own intuition, they will find you and they do this to tell you that everything is alright and that it’s ok to move on with your life because they’ll be right beside you every step of the way. Trust me this is 100% true.

Ultimately, everyone dies, it’s just a hard fact of life, but don’t dread living so much, enjoy it now and in the afterlife because there you will find all of your family waiting for you, because they’ve been with you every step of your journey and you just didn’t realize it.

-Ashley Angel

Rest in Peace Grandpa, this article is dedicated in your loving memory <3


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