Getting Rid Of Pimples – The Best Treatments?

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Getting Rid Of Pimples Overview – What Are They?

Basically a pimple is a type of acne papule that occurs through inflammation, to explain a little further, outbreaks of the skin disorder acne occur when the  tiny oil gland at the base of each hair root or more properly, follicle begin over-producing natural body oil referred to as sebum, this is associated with a  change in natural hormone levels in the body, which is why teenagers and women during pregnancy are usually the worst hit, at a time when hormone  levels are very unstable triggering all manner of bodily changes.

Formation of Pimples

With this change in sebaceous (oil) gland output comes a change to the skin cells behavior which can lead to the skin pores becoming blocked, when  this happens the oil is unable to escape through the pore so it builds up underneath thus forming a slight bump, this can then lead to rupturing of the cell  wall which then can lead to the ingress of naturally present skin bacteria which would normally not be able to enter, when this happens it triggers the  body’s natural defense cells to start fighting the offending infection which then produces the inflammation leading to pimples.

It is important that you have a try at getting rid of pimples at an early stage to prevent them getting worse, as at that stage it may become much more  difficult to eradicate the infection.

Treatments For Getting Rid Of Pimples

There are many things that you can try in the first instance to try and remove pimples, simple over the counter acne treatments from your local  pharmacist are reasonably cheap and can be effective in many cases, although you may have to try more than one until you find one that works for you.

You may wish to try some home remedies also, these can sometimes work especially if used with an over-the-counter product. Some of these home cures may seem a bit off-the-wall but they have worked for many sufferers.

Toothpaste is probably not something you would think of but it is worth a try, you should apply a blob of it before going to bed at night, gently rub it in to  the pimple using your fingertip and a light circular motion, it should be obvious that your hands and face should be properly washed and dried before you  do this.

Leave it on overnight and rinse off in the morning, obviously you may need to sleep on your back otherwise you may wipe the toothpaste off on your  pillow during the night.

A possible solution if you cannot sleep on your back is to apply the toothpaste to the pimple without rubbing it in then apply a small sticking plaster over it.

The second thing may not cure your pimples per-se but it will certainly help.
Make sure you keep your skin properly hydrated, this is important as it will help to flush any toxins from the body, six to eight glasses of water a day are  usually recommended and this is always a good starting point, it must be water though not sodas or anything
else, just plain tap or mineral water, so forget about drinking eight cans of coke – heaven help you!

Glycerin or sorbitol soap may be beneficial such as that made by Neutrogena, this can be used a couple of times a day, but never overwash or you will  dry your skin out too much which may cause irritation, and anything that causes irritation should be avoided like the plague.

Whilst researching this article it was noted that apricot juice was being touted to help in getting rid of pimples so it has been included here, the juice could  be applied with a cotton wool ball, but it may be easier to cut the apricot in half and very gently rub it or hold on the pimples for about ten minutes every  day, and of course you can eat them too and will be an excellent addition to your diet.
Dietary Advice For Getting Rid Of Pimples

Talking of diet, although not yet medically proven beyond all doubt to have an adverse effect on acne, there is no doubt that improving your diet will help  you in many ways and it will certainly boost your immune system to help fight infection.

One thing that has been observed in tests is that foods that are high in sugar affect insulin levels in the body, thus temporarily upsetting hormone  balance, which then may have some effect on the acne condition.

Source: American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition

So the message is clear, remove all the sugary food and drinks from your diet, as a start.  

These are just a few of the of the things you can try for getting rid of pimples, but basically treat them as you would for normal acne, the important thing is  to take action action to try an prevent them from getting worse, if you have tried everything that has been suggested including over the counter remedies  to may have to see your doctor who will be able to prescribe some other types of medications that are only available on prescription.

Golden rule for pimples or spots, as you are already probably aware, never attempt to squeeze or burst them, this is a definite no-no as you may cause  more infection making it worse or skin trauma that may leave a permanent scar.

If you wear makeup or cosmetics you need to be careful with the products that you use, only applying those specially formulated for acne.

Pimples though can be very troublesome, they may cause embarrassment and cause your self-esteem to take a nose dive, but with a proper cleansing  regime, some trial and error and a little effort, Then getting rid of pimple should be straightforward enough.

For more useful information and helpful advice about the treatment of acne including home remedies and many other skincare tips, check the link in the author bio box.


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