Acne Treatments – The Top Seven Most Effective

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Acne Treatments – A Brief Overview

What types of acne treatments you need to choose will be greatly dependent on how serious your condition is, there are many products and procedures  available to you, if your condition is mild then there are various proprietary medications available that can help clear up your condition, for more  advanced cases there are various prescription medications available from your doctor and if the condition is very severe then there are surgical  procedures available too all of these topics will be discussed briefly here so you have some idea of exactly which route you may need to take. It may  also help if you can determine what may have triggered your outbreak as there are many causes of acne so trying to find this out may be of considerable  help. So, as mentioned the first thing you must do is to determine exactly how bad your acne is.

Top Seven Acne Treatments 2012

In order to help you get some idea of what acne treatments are generally available without prescription the following represents some of the best  available.The results are based on customer feedback from people that have actually used the products and their honest opinions as to what that  particular product did to help their condition as this system gives a much more accurate representation of a product and negates any deliberately posted  glowing reviews as may often be the case with some lesser known products to try and entice customers into buying it, only products consistently proven  have made it on to this list.

  • Proactiv Solution

  • AcneFree System

  • The Regimen

  • Exposed Acne Treatment

  • Neutrogena System

  • La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

  • Murad Acne Gel

Acne Treatments – General Topical Medications

Before resorting to powerful drugs or prescription medications you may like to try some home remedies for acne first, to see if they alone will have effect  as you may find, particularly if your condition is mild that a natural acne remedy will work for you, providing it is used in the correct way.

You may also be reading this if you are looking for a way of getting rid of blackheads, as sometimes these can become infected and turn into acne spots.

If you are fortunate enough to only have acne in it’s mildest form then there are many different medicines that will assist you in getting it clear, the main  preparation usually recommended first is benzoyl peroxide, which is effective in a couple of ways, firstly it has a preventative effect on the blocking of  skin pores, which in itself is very beneficial, it also has mild bactericidal properties that will help prevent any infections caused by the naturally occurring  body bacteria.

This is a topical treatment, which means it is applied to the affected areas of the skin, be sure to follow the directions on the product label for application.

There may be some unwanted effects with these topical acne treatments, in some instances your skin may become dry, with some reddening and flaking,  it may also cause some minor itchiness or other irritation, but all these side-effects should end when the applications are finally stopped at the end of the  recommended treatment period, which is commonly around four to six weeks.

It is usually assumed that most people will be looking for a cure for face acne but the majority of treatments can be applied to chest acne and other areas  of the body, if you happen to have back acne, this can be a little trickier because you may not be able to reach it properly, it will be of great assistance to  you if you have someone to help you apply whatever you are using with this condition.


Topical retinoid acne treatments as they are called, have a similar effect to benzoyl peroxide but they have the additional advantage of acting on the  sebaceous glands themselves that limits the amount of sebaceous fluid that the glands emit, thus making an excessive build up unlikely.

Be aware that retinoid medications cannot be used by pregnant women under any circumstances as they may harm the fetus.

Retinoids have similar side effects to those mentioned above for benzoyl peroxide. and the length of time they need to be taken for is also about the  same.

It should also be noted that these type of topical creams and gels will require you to keep your skin out of direct sunlight where possible, as the skin may  become permanently damaged if these products are subjected to Ultraviolet light, it is therefore advisable to keep out of the sun and refrain from using  sun beds etc whilst using these products.

Azelaic Acid

Is often prescribed as a replacement treatment to benzoyl peroxide as some people may find the irritation caused by other medications can be too  severe and in some cases painful, it works in much the same way, by removing dead skin cells and it also kills many types of facial bacteria, you should  begin to see some improvement in your condition after about thirty days usage

Topical antibiotics are used to eliminate skin bacterium that can caused infection to the hair follicles in the skin, they may be prescribed for around two  months, as prolonged use may make them ineffective as the various bacteria may build a immunity to them.

Once again the side effects are similar to those of the other topical medications mentioned above. Antibiotics may also be taken in oral form, these  medications may only be prescribed my health care professionals and are generally used with products for people with a really bad acne condition, and  may be the last line of defense before anything more drastic is considered, unfortunately they do have some adverse side-effects and may not be  suitable for everyone, your physician or dermatologist will advise you on the implications of taking these antibiotics.

It is possible due to the high cost that some people may decide that  buying prescription drugs online is a good idea, and while this can save money it is  very important that you know exactly what the medication actually does and that you only ever buy from a reputable company.

Treatments For Severe Acne

In the case where you acne is beyond the control of standard medications, you doctor may refer you to a skin expert (known as a dermatologist) after  examination of the condition he will be able to determine on the course of action, he may further prescribe more powerful medicines in the first instance,  including oral antibiotics, and birth control for acne patients is also sometimes prescribed, to see if this has any effect on your condition, if not, and you  are determined to get rid of it then some form of minor surgical procedure, dermabrasion, or laser surgery,may be the only course of action left to you,  but these procedures will incur considerable expense, and can be painful afterward while the skin heals.

Acne Treatments Summary

As you can see there are many different possibilities for treating the condition which is often embarrassing for the sufferer, especially if a teenager, as  they can become very self-conscious, and often suffer depression as a result.
Another important thing to use are good acne moisturizers that have been specially formulated, in almost all forms of treatment a cream or lotion of this  type will be of paramount importance to your success.

For more useful information and helpful advice about the treatment of acne including home remedies and many other skincare tips, check the link in the author bio box.


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