How to Get a Girl? A Few Good Tips.

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Not so long ago I was like you.  I didn’t have no self-respect, i couldn’t even talk to a girl in ‘that’ kinda way because i knew i would blew the whole thing of. BUT, I got that the more you try, the more mistakes you remember as well as learn from and now i can choose between few of them who likes me more than I like them.
This article is for all those teenagers who can’t take courage and try to do something about the girl they like and its written by a 19yrs old teenager (I hope you have more trust in this now).

1. When you see “the” girl you feel some kind of chill, right? I guess you are probably scared of being rejected or such. Now, at this very moment, people usually tell you to break that fear, swallow it and go and talk to her. That belief is totally wrong, there’s nothing bad in that anxiety that possesses you in the very moment. Just try to act natural, do the stuff you usually do, ignore her, and from time to time just give a small peak, a simple look but not too direct (you’ll become a stalker).That way she will notice you and even if she doesn’t look back every (or any) time, do not lose hope, you can get her.

2. You MUST figure some way to go to her and TALK. If u don’t have a real reason, DO NOT DOANYTHING. After you get a reason, just go there, talk to her and by the meantime your fear will be lighten a little. Then, the thing you do next is just act normal and tell her that you are very glad that you two met and then pop a little smile. She WILL remember that moment.

3. After this, if she has any interest in you she will be saying HI or flashing a look in your direction from time to time or in any other way show you she like you or that you are cute, funny, pretty…Then, you go to her and then ask her for a drink (NOTA ‘wanna get to know you better”, ANUMBER or such…) or something similar to that, a small friendly gesture. If she says yes, U GOT HER….Just simply ask for her number.

4. Even if some girls say that they think boys are smothering them by phoning them first dozen of times, THAT’S NOT TRUE. They always expect for you to call first, often a few times, maybe even more but when that moment come, DO NOT call her five times in an hour, DO NOT BE too offensive, she will blew you off. Be patient, call her from time to time, let her know you’re thinking of her. Then, you got the huuuuge chance my friend, you will date her eventually.

That would be all on how to get a girl, the rest is on you and depends on your personality.
Just be yourself and you will keep her if she worth


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