Despite Extreme Poverty That The Filipinos Have Experienced, a Sudden Feeling of Happiness Posted on Their Faces Still…

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Maybe, it’s because of sexual activities that people are getting busy with…  

Of all the day-to-day sexual activities that the people are getting busy with, a moment of sudden change comes – the ever soulful fragrance of the coming year.

Due to overpopulation because of uncontrolled sexual drives, including the economic deprivation among the people, a lot of them used to engage in strenuous tasks to save their lives because of poverty line of living. From the time Marcos pronounced his regime till the present, extreme poverty has dominated the entire Filipino community. However, we ranked as one of the richest countries before, but now no more. What do you think?

Everybody is talking about the extensive corruption done by the Marcos’ tenure that made the entire Filipinos beg for leftovers and other bad occurrences affecting the life of each citizen about graft and corruption in the government. Most of our brothers and sisters resort to prostitution to sustain their economic living. The optimistic attitude of the townsfolk made me reveal of my real intent and blow the gaff for morality sake. That being a Filipino has something to correct before the “very eyes” of the foreign invaders and not to be ashamed of.

Despite extreme poverty that the Filipinos have experienced, a sudden feeling of happiness posted their faces still … the normal gestures were being possessed, instead of obvious pretensions. Laughter and giggles became the music from here to there. Harmony at present is concealing all along and is getting underway for future preservations. I wonder why it happens up to now.

The history of the Filipino culture has paved the way for its reign. Migrations of the fused cultures among Easterners and some of the Westerners have been a revealing moment of sudden change to this colony. Various influences were established and in fact, large percentage of which pertained to festivals and celebrations, including the opening of a New Year.

As we face another years of happiness and sadness, another bubbling factor affecting our lives is the continuous arousal of superstitious beliefs. As they say, laughter drives evil forces away from the people. We can hardly get out of the root, why laughter has been an emerging panacea of such demonic strengths. Instead, why not say “Laughter is the best medicine?” It would probably make a lot of sense to me. I know everybody will quadrate with me in this sane information as well as scenario of superficial notions that encompass emotions, beliefs, and strengths of being a Filipino.

This usual practice among Filipinos of making the best out of the year has brought a great deal of significant differences. One is the propagation of a positive outlook in life, and one is a growing conception of having a new life—both have been a solid pillar towards having the same perspective and sound outlook in life. Another is the establishment of a starting point that leads to development. Encouragement that pursues success and leads the historical marks is a good start.

Whatever it is that influences the sweet flavor of a year, everybody throws hats into it. Thus, what matters most is the genuine deliberation of thoughts to be shared with one another. Infusion of harmony, love and respect for one another seem idealistic and prolific, and one day it will lead to ultimate happiness not just only for one event like new year but also for other significant events.

The years to come are intended for a lifetime benchmark of one’s dream and success.


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