These Items Are Souvenirs From Hell!

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We don’t know exactly if we are also part of these items which are classified as souvenirs from hell. If we know that we are not the ones who take advantage of endangered species or animals on this planet, maybe we knew who these people are … who also engage in animal hunting for a living by selling the body parts to all the buyers around the world. Are we partly blamed about the annihilation of animals in our planet today? What do you think?

Buying certain items on holidays may contribute to the decline of living things that surround you, particularly of the so-called “endangered animals.” Such animals bring about the decline of their species because of the polluted surroundings and other cruel living creatures like the human beings. In this reason, the Wildlife Charity Archive (WCA) has launched a guide to ethical shopping. The ethical shopping, which hinders annihilation of the animals in the planet today, concerns the animals in which the WCA is the legal protector that strives hard to protect them from illegal hunting.

Just like crocodile and snakeskin products, these wild animals are often poached resulting from endangered species’ gradual annihilation. All trade products are illegal and the world’s big cats are now under immense pressures of hunting. Tiger-skin rugs and coats are sold worldwide, not knowing that they’re illegal.

The endangered green and hawksbill turtles are hunted for their eggs and meat, and have also been exploited to make ornaments. Like turtle soup that is popular in big countries like USA, Thailand, India, Italy and even Philippines. Besides, some of the most famous persons in our country, somehow, knew the fashionable shahtoosh. It’s a high-fashion shawl woven from the hair of Tibetan antelope. Up to five animals must die to provide enough wool for a single shawl. Some endangered animals came from the sea. Like the seals, their water-resistant skins were used as bags, wallet and even coats. Even the king of the jungle is now endangered. Hunters get its skin to be made as coat; its hair is used for fashionable bags.

Obviously, the illegal hunters are off-limits. They are making accessories to these poor and endangered animals. Though, these souvenirs are taken so openly by rich consumers for their daily fashions in malls. The president or king of the land, whoever he/she is, has to protect the lives of animals. Do you think it is the high time now for all of us, human beings, to spare animals from exploitation?

The people around the world will  join hands together to protect endangered species and  wild animals from poachers. All of you are the only ones who can answer and assert to that! What do you think?


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