My Excitement Momentarily Disappeared When I Saw The Lifeless Body… I Felt my Stomach Twitch And my Heart Was Beating so Fast

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                 I have always been told that I should be more afraid of those people who are alive rather than those dead people because they’re perilous. However, this did not lessen my fears of seeing dead people. I didn’t mean those ghosts or restless souls wandering around the face of the earth. When I said dead people I mean those lifeless bodies. Yet, years ago my bravery was put into test.

The second time we had our high school field trip last October 2005. I was full of energy and spirit. Knowing that day, we would be going to different places, learning things, meeting new people and enjoying with friends. It was also one way escaping those projects, assignments and exams. My friends and I were even singing happily at the bus on our way to the first stop. But unfortunately, our first stop didn’t allow us to go inside the premises. You could just imagine how disappointed we were.                            

                 We went to our next destination, the Southwestern University. We were in cloud 9 knowing that it would be the first time that we’re going to enter a university. I was even telling my classmates to walk faster so that we could arrive at the building earlier.

                  And so we arrived at this part of the building. We immediately entered the anatomy room. I smelled formalin in the room. I had seen a white cloth-cover on the table. I saw a dead body. It was indeed frozen. I wanted to walk but I couldn’t.

                  My excitement momentarily disappeared when I saw the lifeless body slouch on the wedge. I felt my stomach twitch and my heart was beating so fast. I felt two cold sweats on my forehead. The strong grips on my classmates’ hands brought my senses back due to the quivering body. Then I decided suddenly to go out of the room and leave.

                  Leaving could never mean escaping of what has been astonishingly done. I have just thought that man does meet with his fate and he always keeps on moving every now and then. Nobody knows I might face the fear later with the help of “The Almighty.”    


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