Helpful Tips For Preventing Acne on Face

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Actuaally Acne is a skin problem which affects more or less every people of all colors at least once in their life time. Acne can affect different parts of body. But people are mostly concerned about facial acne because they are noticed first by others.

We all start to seek remedies of acne when it goes beyond our control. But wouldn’t it be better if we could stop acne before it would have started?

Unfortunately, we can’t stop the first acne breakout. This is because of the fact that, no one have the option to prevent first acne breakout with any vaccine.

But we are lucky that it is possible to prevent many acne pustules and pimples which would show up on our face. Now, if you can follow the 5 tips given in this article then you will be able prevent many acne pimples and pustules.

(1) Rinse your face regularly

Oil removing is very important if you want to prevent pimples/pustules to show up on skin.

Wash your face regularly with a good quality facial or cleansing system which will remove oil and dead skin cells. This will help your facial skin to be free from dead skin cells, sebum oil and dirt. As a result, they won’t be able to block pores and you will be able to prevent many acne pimples and pustules.

(2) Eat foods which are healthy and not junk

If you can eat healthy foods and avoid junk foods then it would be a great help to your skin to prevent acne.

A group of researchers from Australia found a connection between the foods we take and acne. Their research suggested that, if you can eat fruits, vegetables, high protein and high fiber foods and can avoid junk foods then you will be able to decrease the number of acne pimples & pustules.

(3) Get rid of the habit of itching or squeezing existing pimples and pustules

If you itch the area which is affected with acne then you will break the existing pimples/pustules. This will promote to create more of them. So, try to stop this habit.

(4) Try to avoid dust and dusty area

Avoid dust and dusty areas as much as you can, because dust will be mixed with oil and they will clog the pores of skin. So, more pimples and pustules will be created on face.

(5) Try to avoid staying under sun for a long period

Staying under sun without having any kind of protection will make the pores on face produce more oil.

So, avoid overexposure to sun ray.


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